Monday, January 8, 2018


Good Afternoon. I have received several emails about being cursed at. I couldn't believe the questions I read. Let me share a couple with you. Maybe you can help me?
"I love him but he calls me names, what do I do?"
"He curses at me when he is frustrated. I know he doesn't mean it. What do I do?"
"I feel as if he is always putting me done. What do I say to make him stop.?"
What would you say to these woman, in their situation?
Here's my answer. There is a lack of respect for these woman. This is what all three questions that I received is telling me. How about you?
I don't care how much you love him, how bad he might be frustrated with who knows what, or how bad he feels about himself to put you down. Let me give you the Bottom line here. It is directed at you, the swearing is intentional. His problem is not your problem. 
All of those questions above are excuses. No one has a right to treat anyone this way. We have to take inventory of our life with this person, and a different position with them. 

First how much are you willing to tolerate?

I understand every situation is different. But you have to stand up for yourself. You didn't sign up for this. It is a must to let him know how you feel. If you have allowed it to go on to long, you can still tell him how you feel. Time doesn't play a role in this. In order for things to change. You hold the power to do so. The problem will not go away, and possibly get worse.
Make sure you inform close friends, family make everyone aware on how you are treated. You will need support from them. Your safety comes first. This treatment is
You can reach out to me and talk.
Make sure you take safety measure

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