Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lets Get Up and Take Notice of How Valuable we Are!!


Follow the Leader Who or what are you following today? In other words, who or what has the most influence in your life? Do you make decisions based on what the news says or what someone in your family says? It’s not wrong to get other people’s advice. Remember Faith the most important leader. This will direct you and give you the insight you need to make the right decisions. Start the day with this Number #1 Leader.


Pick Carefully! It's our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its outcome. Remember to Pick the Right Attitude!


Today a friend asked me how did you move forward and find Peace? My answer was I gave Forgiveness Immediately. I made a Commitment to myself to get well and grow stronger in every area of my life! Make a Commitment to yourself. You deserve it!

Continue To Pray!

Continue To Pray! Do you feel like the odds are against you today? Maybe you’re facing a difficult situation that doesn’t look like it will ever get any better. . . Release your faith, raise your expectancy and watch how God will miraculously turn your darkest hour into your greatest hour as the odds are shifted in your favor.


I Encourage You This Evening!! Take time to feed your faith. Meditate to shine truth in your heart. Trust that there is good and good things are in store for your future. Trust and You will see your path.



There's an old saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side." But I don't believe the grass is greener on the other side; I believe the grass is greener where you water it. In other words, we have to tend to the things that are important to us if we want to see those areas of our lives blossom and grow. If you want better relationships, you have to invest in the people around you. If you want a better job, you have to invest in your skill set to qualify for that job and then go after it.


Don’t waste another minute feeling overburdened and discouraged. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength, and you will move forward in victory on the path of life He’s prepared for you!


STAY IN FAITH!! If you will stay in faith and go out each day and be a person of excellence, you’ll have times where it’s as if you just stumbled into God’s blessings. You’ll look back and think, “How did I get to where I am? I’m not the most qualified, but I got the promotion. I didn’t deserve that break, but someone went out of their way to help me.” What happened? You walked into that favor that was already poured out on your path.

Please be kind to one Another!


We ask for prayers for the family of a young girl who's life was taken from them at such an early age. She died in a car accident. Please embrace your families kids love ones. Love one another as much as possible. We Praise you Jesus! Amen


Get Excited about Your Future!

No matter what is happening in your life today, being a person of faith, you have a reason to be excited about your future! If things seem dark right now, know that the dawn will soon appear. The key is that you have to remember you are not here by accident. You have a purpose and destiny to fulfill, and He isn’t finished with you yet. Your best days are not behind you; your best days are out in front of you. Today, get your hopes up and get excited about your future! Begin to thank Him for what He has in store. Keep standing, keep believing and keep moving forward because God has explosive blessings in store for you!

The Gift of Today

The GIFT!! Sometimes our days can be so full and busy that we forget how fragile our time on earth really is. It can be so easy to allow little things to creep in and steal our peace and joy. Maybe something didn’t go your way, or someone said something upsetting. Even traffic can cause us to get our focus off if we let it. But, we have to remember that each day is a gift. If we choose to focus on what’s wrong, we’ll miss out on the beauty that each day has to offer.

Don't Get This Mixed Up!


DONT WASTE TIME!! Beating yourself up over every perceived mistake is the work of an internal abuser who must be restrained and reformed. The past is inaccessible. Almost all sadness comes from thinking about the past, and all worry from thinking about the future — present-mindedness is your only safe haven. Only in the present is your mind free to do what it does best — solve problems. The easiest way to leave the past behind is to remember that love does not live in the past, only memories — love lives in the present


Healing Is A Process! I received an email from a young LADY who asked: How does this Process begin? You have to treat it as if it was a wound, that takes time to heal. Nurturing it, eating right taking care of yourself. As days move along you start to see a significant difference on the way you feel. There is no Magic wand to make any pain or hurt dissappear. You still might see remanence of a small scar after you healed. I can promise you this: You will get stronger, you will have a better understanding on what has occured. I know for a fact you wont let this happen again. Remember trying to forget is not what you want. The process is to heal and not forget.


Good Afternoon! I would love to ask you a Question?? What have you done for one another TODAY?? One of the greatest feelings in life happens when we are helping other people. We are intended to motivate and help one another. That's the healthy way to living. Did you ever hear someone say "You get further ahead when you reach out to help someone else" there is alot of truth to this Statement. Why don't you try this and see what Happens!! Have an Amazing Day!!


Don't Look BACK!


You are Important! No one wants to give-up on someone they love, but sometimes we are forced to make hard decisions by extraordinary suffering. It's easy to judge, or say, "never-give-up," until you have been there. Eventually, you begin to realize that life is prescious to accept the emptiness, pain, and dysfunction of someone else. It's their fight not yours. You can't hand your whole life and soul over to someone who doesn't have any regard for you. You also must be careful trying to fight someone else's demons. No matter how much love you have for that person you have to think of Yourself.


Thought Of The Day!!


Recognize What You Have So often we focus on what we don’t have, how big our obstacles are, and how bad the economy is. “I don’t have the connections. I’ve got this problem, but I don’t have anybody to help me. I’ve got this dream, but I don’t have the resources.” No, here is the truth: everything you need to fulfill your destiny is within reach. It can be something that’s close to you. You may not reconize it and It may not look extraordinary, You need to open your Heart to see it in order to embrace it.You indeed have what it takes to fulfill your destiny.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOVE ONE-ANOTHER! We can all throw rocks and point out each other’s faults, but we need to make allowances for one another. We don’t know what some people have been through. We don’t know the pain and heartache they’ve experienced. Let’s learn to walk in love and see the best in everyone. A house divided will fall. That’s why it’s so important to keep peace in your home. Be the first to apologize. Be quick to forgive.

SAY NO!!!!

This will never Happen again!! Say No!


Your Inner Voice!! Anytime you find that you don’t have peace on the inside of your heart about something, or if you have an uneasiness inside about a decision you have to make, that’s a sign that you should stop and take a moment to make sure you are choosing the right plan for your life. Everytime a situation appears like this in your life your gut instinct steps up and takes your place. Please do not shut off your inner voice. Follow its lead! When it feels wrong it's because it is wrong. Blessings in every area of your life. Amilia


LOVE When others look at your life, do they see the Love? Can they see growth and change? Remember, the evidence is in your words and actions. The most important thing you can do with your life is live in a place of love! LOVE empowers us. LOVE changes us. It takes us to new levels. Open your heart fully and receive LOVE today. Then turn around and show LOVE to others and show them what it is to SHINE!! Start Today!


Finish Strong! Oftentimes, when we have a dream in our heart, we start off strong. We head down the path toward our goal, and we’re so excited! But along the way, we hit some roadblocks and encounter some adversity. Many times, people will just give up and take the easy way out. But we have to remember, it’s not how we start that counts; it’s how we finish. Anybody can be fired up at the beginning, but I’m encouraging you to stick with it until the end! Have the determination to go all the way through. Don’t stop at the halfway mark just because times are tough. Don’t quit because you don’t see anything happening. The scripture tells us not to walk by sight, but walk by faith.


Sometimes in order to embrace your destiny, you have to be willing to make some difficult changes in your life. You have to be willing to examine where you are and what you need to do in order to move forward. This may mean that you need to change some friends you’re spending time with. Maybe they were fine for that particular time in your life, but you’ve outgrown them. This is a period which change is necessary in order for you to rise higher, you have to break away from relationships that are limiting you. You have to develop some new friendships with people who are going to pull you up and inspire you to rise higher.


Today, no matter what you are facing, know that when you invite faith into your circumstances, It will transform them! Faith and Love will do more than you could ever imagine. Line yourself up with Words thoughts and actions, of peace and kindness remember to always begin with yourself. That will take you far beyond what you could ever imagine!


I have received several emails for change. No matter what may be going on right now, Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. Stay IN Faith. I know prayers can be answered. (Mine Have) I think that’s good advice, especially in times when it feels like we’ve been waiting and waiting for something to happen in our lives. Hope is vital in times like these and it will keep us looking ahead, anticipating, expecting whatever it is we’re hoping for. I do realize there are many things that can happen to us that aren’t so enjoyable. And that can make it difficult to grasp the idea of enjoying life. So, think of it this way: What are you hoping for? What are you expecting in life? What are you looking forward to? Focus on that.


Give From Your Heart! Have you ever thought about how love affects your giving? I’ve heard it said that you can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. Love, God’s love in us, prompts us to give of ourselves—our time, abilities and resources. In fact, God is love, and the scripture tells us that the world identifies Christians by their love. That means the world will identify us as Christians by our generous, giving hearts.


Look Ahead!!! “See, when you drive home today, you’ve got a big windshield on the front of your car. And you’ve got a little bitty rearview mirror. And the reason the windshield is so large and the rearview mirror is so small is because what’s happened in your past is not near as important as what’s in your future. ”


Today I would love you to do this! The way you tap into that favor, or activate it, is by being thankful. Say, “Father, thank You for Your favor today. Thank You that Your favor is causing me to be at the right place at the right time. Thank You that Your favor is causing people to want to be good to me.” See, you don’t have to pray about something that you already have, just receive it by thanking Him.