Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Power is Yours/Personalized Meditations

Rediscover Your Interest. 

When we find ourselves held back by the person who hurt us, it becomes difficult to regain the confidence to see our lives differently. I understand from my own experience, I was conditioned to feel one way, his way. Anything I tried to venture out to do was dismantled with words. It took time to heal and believe in me again. 
With small steps, and one day at a time, I began to explore the activities and interests and create the life I always wanted. I found strength through meditation, and turned every word he said, into power that fueled my heart and fulfills my dreams. 
This is exactly what I needed to do to shine. I felt more courageous, having a life without this type of conflict allowed me to flourish. I became aware of the kind of people I would allow in my life, and the treatment I expected. 
Having no more fear of an argument, allowed me to enjoy the loving moments with family, friends without looking over my shoulder to worry about unhealthy comments and unkindness. 
Things that made me feel good about myself was within my reach. What I ate taste better, what I wore looked great, the air I inhaled smelled fresher. My smile was bigger, and laughter is louder. My family is happier. The most important thing of all, I have peace.
The appreciation for life is at it's highest. No matter what the obstacles are. I was able to overcome with the support of people who love me and stood by my side.
How were you held back by your abuser?  Explore the possibilities and dreams that were shut down as a result of your relationship.
It's a great time to reflect on you.
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Amilia Powers
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Meditation of Faith Vol II 
This meditation is for those seeking to mend their broken heart and wanting to ease their pain. As well as those who have suffered the injustice of another.
You will be guided by comfort, renew your strength, and feel your power restored.
You will feel your pain being released. Your a click away. Begin today to change your life.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Be Excited About Your Life

Except your joy. I spent so much of my time worrying about tomorrow next week. When I was enjoying life's goodness I second guessed why I was having fun, because this was happening and that was going on. 
I didn't give myself permission to have balance, to laugh, smile, and be excited about life.
I worried about what other people think. I was scared to try something new, and get laughed at. I allowed people to shut down my thoughts of a better life. I gave them control. This tormented me inside. I often told myself, they don't know what I'm thinking or feeling. I knew in my heart I can help so many people change their lives. I was tired of playing tug of war with my dreams, and what other people thought I should and shouldn't do. I noticed they weren't doing anything else but what they were a custom to doing. It was the same song and dance, day in and day out. 
I wanted more. I knew I could make a difference. This is when I realized I was walking in other people's shoes, and I decided I wanted to wear my own. 
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Monday, April 23, 2018


Good Morning everyone.

Having a peaceful moment was always very important to me. 
There are times in our lives that become more difficult then others.
Peace is hard to find.
While we are expressing to family and friends what is going on in our lives. 
Our days become overwhelming. You feel you have to explain what is happening a hundred times a day. There is always a new question right?
Find a quite place, rest your mind from the commotion. 
Take your thoughts away from your situation and questions, and focus on your solution. 
Have you ever heard the saying "that's the same song and dance?" 
Your circumstances don't change by repeating the same verse. 
Give yourself time to collect your thoughts. Write down the next step you need to overcome your challenges. Confide in yourself, your deepest thoughts. Believe it or not, you have the answers. 
You will not find these answers elsewhere. No matter how many times you re-arrange the words, to get the answer you already know yourself. No-one can give it to you. 
Meditate on those thoughts. This helped me, and I'm sharing this because I know this will help you. 
If you are stuck join thousands of women who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations that I created for your own personal circumstances.
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Have a blessed day

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Don't Play Tug Of War With Your Thoughts.....

Stick to your decision. Stay in the moment of thought. Believing in yourself will break you away from the fear of outcome. You will stand tall and confident. 
It is the most liberating feeling you can have. Knowing what you want and what you will and not accept in your life is powerful. 
My biggest mistakes came from second guessing what I knew I had to do and didn't. I started to make deals with my heart. I began to tell myself, if I stayed quite things will get better. I was so frightened to do what needed to be done, because I didn't want an argument, or dispute. I stayed hopeless, and in despair. I tormented my own feelings. I was miserable. I couldn't wait until the day began, and the day ended. I didn't really want to deal with anything in between. 
I compromised my happiness, my joy. I lost my smile, and laughter was no where to be found. 
There should be no negotiations with yourself. 
Next time an important decision needs to be made in your life of any kind. Just make it.
If you are stuck, join the thousands of women who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations created specifically for your own personal needs. 
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Be blessed

I added another link with a meditation I created, that helped me through this struggle. The fear of uncertainty, and worry could leave you overwhelmed and hurt. This meditation will help you become more focused, and leave your weakness behind. 

I recommend this for you. Don't let your situation hold you captive. 
I look forward, to hear from you.


Friday, April 20, 2018



Don't keep your heart in the dark.

It's difficult when you are struggling through a bad relationship, when you are hurt, and pained in any way. 
This is when we start to battle with our heart. Should I or shouldn't I be happy.
Our love is not controlled by anyone but us. 
There is so much to love. There is so much to share. There is so much to appreciate. 
Please do me a favor. Put the light on in your heart, so love know's where to find you.

If you are stuck, join the thousands of women who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations that I created specifically for your own personal circumstances. Get started today by clicking the link below.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Don't forget you are powerful 

I'm here to remind you, just in case you forget. 
The noise from all your critics may have helped push your power to the back of your thoughts. 
I really believe from my own experience, what I paid attention to, is who I thought I was. 
I was surrounded by small talk keeping me from being who I was meant to be. I lived in the power of other people's words. 
It's only when I began to believe in myself, and become aware of how I wanted to live my life, I was able to release what I felt in my heart, that kept me captive. 
I love living folks. I'm proof you can create a life you always wanted.
If you are stuck, join thousands of women who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations I created for your own personal circumstances. 
Writing these meditations from my own experience I was able to help people live a more fulfilling life. 
I'm blessed to share this with all of you. 
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Don't sit still

You can't breakout of your own spell if you are sitting doing nothing. 
I really believe, you can only move on to bigger and better things if you become active in your own life.
I'm proof that your energy attracts a different story. For me I began my journey in thoughts of why did this happen to me. The hurt and pain settled in my heart. 
But deeper then my heart, I knew how to live and enjoy all the joys of life, and I couldn't believe I gave that control to someone else. 
What broke me free, is knowing how I lived. Who I was and what my life meant to me. 
If you are stuck, join thousands of women who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations I created specifically for your own personal circumstances. 
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