Friday, January 12, 2018


Today my post is about trust:
I missed all of you yesterday. I couldn't get to your emails until this morning. My partner and I have finished a three part meditation series that we will get out to you by next week. 
We are very excited about this. These meditations are about believing and trusting the Lord during the most difficult of times.
People write to me and ask, how did you get through your pain? How did you see past the sorrow and hurt? How did you stay in faith and not lose yourself in bitterness, and self-pity?
How did you remain strong, and not give up?
My answer to all these questions are very simple. I knew God had my back. I knew that I needed to keep people in my life that lifted me up, no negative talk. The key here is to ask the Lord for guidance, for strength, for assistance, and he in return will send you the people you need in your life to help you. You need to believe, and trust in him. You must ask the right questions. 
In this meditation series, you will have first hand what I have done to overcome. 
Every Prayer, every thought, every feeling.
I look forward in sharing this with you.
You can reach me anytime if you have any questions.
Have a blessed day!

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