Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feelings Of Dismay!!

Good Evening Everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. For some of us it was a extra long weekend. Greatful for that!! I would like to share something with you. I received an email from a young Lady that was completely heart renching! She told me that her body is so knumb that she can't feel her heart❤️ Beating. She is having a hard Time even thinking. I asked how long have you been feeling like this?? Is there a reason why you handed over your entire being to one person? Do you have people that you love and that loves you?? Her answer was I have been feeling like this for months. Yes I have people I Love and Love me too. I thought he was my everything. My whole world revolved around him. She understood after speaking with me that this is not how a relationship should feel. She is actually learning what not to except or tolerate. I continued to tell her that acknowledging that she has people in her life she Loves and Loves her back means in fact her heart is beating even when your hurt. The feeling that she is expressing is the uncomfortable part of how someone is treating you. A partner should be a part of your world Enjoying and learning. Never give your whole entire world to one person and allow anyone to have control of your emotions. This is exactly what happened here. You need to gather your strength and redirect your Love to those individuals who Love you! Knowing what you want in your life gives you a clear understanding that change needs to take place. This is not your last stop. Your Journey is far from over. You can re-write this script. Keep your notebook and pen handy. Please write your comments below or email me at amiliapowers@gmail.com. Or visit my website at: www.amiliapowers.com Have a blessed Night Amilia Powers

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Someone Blurred This Out!!

Hello Everyone! I'm hoping all of you are having a wonderful Week so far. I wanted to thank all of you for staying in touch. During the Private event someone blurred this out "People know they are hurting their partner and causing them distress, why don't they see their bad ways and stop!!" My answer to this is very simple. When we allow individuals to hurt us and cause us inner pain they will continue to do so until we demand that they do not treat us this way. We can not and will not put up with any form of disrespect. We have certain requirements we need to follow for ourselves. These are rules we created and standards we should live by and not allow anyone to cross those lines. We are ready to empty the clutter of those people that are bringing us down, holding us back from living a life of HAPPINESS JOY, and LOVE. This is our turn to shine. We will not let anyone erase our smile, and stifle our laughter and control our LIFE. Please leave your comments below. You can email me: amiliapowers@gmail.com or visit me on my website at: www.amiliapowers.com. Have a Blessed Day Amilia Powers

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Event This Saturday

Hello Everyone!! I want to thank all of you for coming to the Private Session this Saturday. It was an amazing breakthrough. We had a lot of tears of JOY. Thank you very much for your wonderful emails I loved meeting and talking with everyone of you. I can't wait until our next Session. Have a wonderful DAY!! Many Blessings to All Amilia Powers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Good Evening!

Hello Everyone! I want to first say thank you for all the amazing emails. I enjoy reading them. I would love to share something with you. I was at lunch today and the Topic of Conversation was "Accept". Now this is a powerful word. Accept could mean it's ok if a mistake was made the wrong thing was said. How far would you take that word. We make excuses for this word in our lives. When a love one is treating us bad. We respond to ourselves "he/she is having a bad day. When we get verbally tormented. We say "he/she will sleep it off it will be a better day tomorrow". When we get shoved around. We say "he/she must of had a hard day at work. This is not the way this word is supposed to be used. This is not a gift your receiving. Someone Is not offering you a ride. Your giving consent to a person to treat you in a way that is unexceptable. By accepting this type of behavior they have your approval that it is ok. Step forward and be present and hold your standards high and don't allow anyone to mistreat you. You have a responsibility to yourself. Respect yourself enough that this will not take place on your clock. Please leave me a comment or email me: amiliapowers@gmail.com or visit me wwww.valueurself.com I have books you can download. Have a wonderful Night God Bless Amilia

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Good Evening Everyone!

How is everyone on this amazing Sunday! Friday was a great meeting! I want to thank all of you who came out. We spoke on this topic at ValueUrSelf. Just to do a little recap the Story that hits home. Lies that tear people apart. I have to say this is one thing that affects people the most. It is very difficult to turn to the truth when human nature for one reason or another wants to believe the vary thing that's tearing them apart. In life their are people who want nothing more then to make other people's lives unhappy. we spoke in length about this. Now when I asked each person to give us some insight of the person who caused this chaos. It was completely understood we had all the answers we needed. Listen we have to know the people we are dealing with in our everyday lives. we have to be aware of the fact that not everyone wants to see you happy. The bottom line here is become more selective on who is in your life and what you say to that person. Trust is a big word it's not for everyone. You heard the saying "Less Is More" leave it at that! Please leave your comments or you can email me: amiliapowers@gmail.com Have a good rest of you night God Bless Amilia Powers

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Good Morning!!

Hello Everyone!! It has been a good week so far. I would like to thank you joining me. My email box was full of questions. I selected a few people Men and Women the similar thoughts. We are going to get together on Friday. This Session is Called a Meet Up Group. I'm very Excited. What we will be discussing is How we feel when people lie and cause destruction in our lives. This obviously destroys many relationships with family friends and co-workers. It's unfortunate that People find a way to put a wedge between the happiness of others. The biggest problem here that we will talk about, I feel. We have to become more secure with ourselves and the people we Love around us and not take to heart everything everyone else says in a way that can damage our relationship with our love ones. I know this is an On-going problem in many Lives. We have to embrace what is happening and understand who we are dealing with. They will not win this battle if we do not allow them to. By this I mean: If you lash out and add to the un-truth we will cause more problems then it is worth. Please leave your comment here. or email me. amiliapowers@gmail.com This is a crisis. Have a blessed Day! Amilia Powers

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Coffee Shop Talk

Good Afternoon Everyone!! I'm very happy you are with me today., I met up with five Ladies from the New York Area that are part of our ValueUrSelf Community. Tomorrow we know that it is Mother's Day! So the topic was Family. Now these Five Ladies have a lot in common. They do not know how to handle the ungratefulness of their grown kids. We are talking about 25 to 30 year old adult kids. Now as we reach tomorrow These Beautiful Nice Ladies feel they have to be fake and pretend that nothing is wrong, and they don't want to. Now two Ladies have grandchildren, and this becomes tricky emotionally. I believe in my heart that this is not the day to address this situation. This is also a day that can soften your heart and reflect on your memory of all the good that you have created. It doesn't mean that you don't speak your mind at a later time. With other family and friends, grandchildren it would be unfair to all if you were to spoil their good intentions for you because of one person or even two. Let your LOVE glow out loud, and there will be a time and place to get things off your chest. Tomorrow is not only about us Mother's, but about our Mother's Grandmothers and All the love ones we know that share this special day. So Please save your thoughts tomorrow, you may even change your mind on a future talk. I would Like to thank the Ladies for coming out and venting. I know they left with a different perspective. Please write your comments or email me at: amiliapowers@gmail.com GoD Bless Amilia Powers