Monday, November 30, 2020

Pain Behind Broken Vases/Amilia Powers

We all know when something isn't right. There isn't anyone reading this that can tell me any different. We make a choice to either deal with it or make a change. I knew when things weren't good in my relationship. I knew he was falling apart. He was very abusive, there was no color coating that. I made a choice to try. Whether if that's wrong or right, that's what I chose to do.

Well, "Choice" is a wonderful word, isn't it? This word is used in every area of our lives. Let me explain. We make a choice to get up in the morning, right? We make a choice to either live happy, or sad. We make a choice to be clean or dirty. Ect...

I knew I was in charge of how I felt, but I still made a choice to be unhappy. What I was really doing was holding on to the falsehood that one day my destructive relationship would be a happy one. Hoping that I would live happily ever after like many couples I knew.

What started to happen, I began to resent my feelings. My heart told me many times this isn't right. I didn't want to listen to that. I began to battle with myself, what a conflict that was. I tried to figure out this big master plan, that if I changed this or that, and made things more exciting than my life would magically change, and we would fall in love all over again.

What I want you to focus on here is, I wanted to change my feelings and make things wonderful and happy, but not once did I tell you he wanted things to change, or that he mentioned to me he has something exciting planned for us. It takes two ladies.

I was fighting a never-ending battle, that I wasn't going to win. Things became worse, he began to disrespect me as much as he could. The belittling, cursing, fighting, and you can figure out the rest.

I knew what happiness is really like. I have that with my friends and family, those contagious belly laughs that are uncontrollable. The memories, when you sit at your desk at work and a thought comes to your mind and your smiling from ear to ear of complete joy.

I wasn't living like this at all. I wasn't looking forward to spending time with him. I began to dislike him as a person and human being. I couldn't stand looking at him, let alone hearing his voice. It would go right through me like a sword piercing through my heart.

As life for me began a new chapter, I took a very good look at what transpired. I started to really focus on myself. I understood why life treated me this way. I didn't blame him. I learned that I have a responsibility to myself. As you read above. We can not change others to love and feel the same way we feel. Most people are dealing with their own stuff, and don't know how to handle it. You never want to be a target of someone else's inner demons.

Please when you first begin to notice it's wrong, it is wrong. Don't second guess it, and don't try to fix it. Please do not stay in it.

This is how "Pain Behind Broken Vases" came about. This is a novel based on a true story. A young woman who hoped and dreamt that one day she would be able to fall in love.

When that day arrived she felt a glimmer of hope. A man who would care for her and treat her special.

She mistook that for amazing love and unfortunately it turned into pain and torment. The fear of letting go consumed her because she loved him and wanted the relationship to work. All she felt and tried to hold onto was the day they first met. 

Each chapter will keep you in suspense. Pain Behind Broken Vases will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from the first paragraph. You will feel firsthand what it is like to only have fear to hold onto. 


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Amilia Powers 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Never Compromise Your Happiness--Toxic Relationship


when I was a young girl in my teens. I use to sit in my room and daydream about the day I would meet my handsome prince. Like all childhood fairy tales, they ended happily ever after. In Love Forever.

As I grew up and began to date, I realized that life isn't a fairy tale at all. Not everyone will treat you like a princess, and do the loving things that you hoped and dreamed of as you became older. 

We try to hold on to those stories, hoping that one day we will find the love of our life, and live blissfully.

That day finally came. I met the love of my life, I was treated like a princess, I thought we were the only two people in the world. As if the world was rotating around us. Every day was amazing. I would feel my heart smile. It was a wonderful time in my life. 

One day I came home, happy as I left in the morning but my world seemed to come to a stop. His voice was different, and his smile was nowhere to be found. I wasn't even given a chance to ask him what was the matter, he told me to leave him alone and he didn't want to talk to me. 

I went to the bedroom and prepared for bed. It was early, but I didn't want to go into the living room or kitchen. He wants to be alone. I don't know if something happened at work. So many questions were running through my head. I never saw him like this before. Maybe tomorrow we will talk. I will just stay here for the night. 

I fell asleep and didn't even hear him leave in the morning. He has never left the house without saying goodbye and without a kiss. Maybe he will call me later and tell me. I didn't have to work today and began my day as I usually do. I tried not to think about it until I knew what was going on. 

He came home late afternoon, didn't say hello. I greeted him anyway. He started yelling at me for not having his dinner ready. We never have dinner this early. When I told him this, he told me to shut up. 

I finally asked him what was the matter, and he remained quiet. It was so silent and uncomfortable during dinner that you could hear a pin drop. I didn't know what else to say. Day after day he began to treat me worse. I loved him and didn't want to lose him. I let this continue. 

I believe at this time you can basically understand where the story is going. I let this go on for some time. I was verbally and hurtfully tormented by a narcissist. 

If you are going through this, don't hang on to him longer than you have to. Love isn't supposed to feel so bad. You must reach out to a close friend or family, you can't do this alone. Support is the key.
You will get through this. You will be safe. You will stay in faith. 

As I began the healing process and learned to add forgiveness to my life, I began to write through my pain and started workshops to help women all across the country stand up and take notice of their life. I also created meditations through my prayers that are now helping thousands of women overcome these struggles in their own lives. Silence can only work against you and not for you. Being at war with your heart, and feeling those deep wounds that no one can reach, because you decided to stay silent is not the way you want to live your life.

This is your love and happiness your compromising. Never forget who you are in any circumstance, most of all never let anyone control the love you have in your heart. 

It's time to begin and join thousands of women who have changed their lives with my "Personalized Meditations," which is created for your own personal circumstances.

These meditations will lead you out of the darkness, keep you calm, and be more focused. You will leave fear behind, become stronger, and never feel alone. 

These Meditations will help heal your broken heart and ease your pain. As well as those who have suffered the injustice of another.

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I'm thankful and grateful every day that I can share this with you. For the good times and for the bad times, they have brought me to where I'm today.

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Be blessed, I look forward to hearing from you. Amilia Powers


Check out my book, "PAIN BEHIND BROKEN VASES" 

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Friday, October 23, 2020

How Dangerous Is a Narcissist?

Never underestimate a Narcissist

I'm happy you are here with me. Dealing with a narcissist is very dangerous. This is a subject that is painful on so many levels. Confusion is the best word to describe the darkness that sets in. It feels as if you are in a fog in the night air, with no end in sight. 

You try and try to find a reason why someone you love would want to hurt you so bad. Not only cause you pain but want to destroy you. You've done everything in your heart to show them repeatedly in so many different ways you love them. Just to get shot down every time. Nothing you do is good enough. You are lost for words and all you have left from the agony is a blackened heart with nothing left to give. You're exhausted. He has depleted all of your energy.  

We must understand the reality of a narcissist. Boundaries do not exist. They will always treat you as if they have the right to control you and push you around. To a narcissist, your dreams do not matter, your ideas will not be heard. They do not care about your feelings. He will drive his power right through you. 

If you think for one minute that you are the only one he will control, you are highly mistaken. No one is off-limits. They will go as far as destroying your family and friends and your relationship with them, and turn it around and blame you for everything that happened. Pure evil. Very Dangerous and unpredictable. Being cautious is all you know, you must reach out for help. 

The truth is, we as rational normal people and understand what lines to cross and not hurt others viciously and intentionally because we are aware of other people's feelings. We know respectfully when to back off. Causing harm is not in our vocabulary. 

Unfortunately, the narcissist has no concept of these lines. In their demented mind, you have no right to exist in their world of make-believe. They will never understand how you can be so caring and loving and be genuine with your life. You give naturally without any motives. A narcissist doesn't play by these rules. They literally hate you for this and want you in pain. Which puts you in a very dangerous position. 

I'm a woman who's been through all of the things you are going through. A woman whose life was slammed against the wall. A woman who found her way through her darkest hour. I never gave up hope. I never gave up on me. I will never give up on you.

I knew I didn't deserve a life of pain. I wanted my smile back, I wanted to hear myself laugh something I haven't done in so long. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it was a must to get away from him and never look back. I knew that the challenges I will be facing are just an obstacle towards freedom of torment and misery he put me through. This was worth getting out. The only words that came out of my mouth were "bring in on. I got the Lord by my side."

Having love in our lives is amazing, but the right kind of love is very important. Don't waste another minute. There's nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and has her voice, please remember that.

You can reach out to me, and I can help guide you through the process. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

I have added to my coaching practices, back by popular demand "Personalized Meditations."
For more information, click the link below. This helped women all across the country, rise beyond their pain and struggles. 

Have a blessed day
Amilia Powers

Saturday, October 17, 2020

3 Signs You're Dating a Narcissist

Who Are You Dating?

You are here because you are noticing behavior that you never witnessed before. A twist in your emotions, and a sudden uncertainty where his mood and comments are coming from. You've given him a pass for his uncomfortable attitude and unkindness once, but doing so it's become worse, and you need an explanation. 

Your beginning to wonder if it could be something happening at his job. You might be even questioning yourself if you are doing something wrong?

Let me reassure you that you are perfectly fine. Trust me, It isn't you.

1.  Jealousy of you having more people in your life than they do.

The attitude and resentment, that you are noticing, that change of mood swings he has, all stems from the need a narcissist has to want to be the center of your world. He doesn't have the relationships you do. You have connections on a deeper level than he does. The only thing he has is you.

He will express his feelings by lashing out and make it uncomfortable for you to go out and enjoy yourself with the ones you love. The guilt trip he places in your lap becomes very heavy and It creates an emotion of unhappiness, and you begin to feel that it is wrong to hurt his feelings. 

This is bounding you to him on emotion. Nothing should matter more. He Thinks he is enough to make you complete. 

You must look into his life, before getting deeper involved with him. 

Who are his friends? Who is his family? Does he have any friends? 

2.  Overwhelming you with gifts and surprises

Every girl loves getting gifts. Who wouldn't? The twist behind a Narcissist's overwhelming you with love at first sight. Is to get you exactly where they want you. They have your undivided attention, and you are being swept off your feet without knowing what is happening to you. Be aware of this. The mistake that happens is that we get so caught up in the moment that we put blinders on and can't see the entire picture of what is truly going on

This is a recipe for disaster. Once the relationship moves into an exclusive one, then it becomes toxic almost immediately. The criticism start. He begins to devalue you. You begin to question your self-worth and the type of person you are, and begin to believe what he is saying to you is true.

Notice the obvious. He isn't giving you much attention anymore. There aren't any more flowers or gifts. Small talk now demands. 

You must be aware of the sudden changes in his personality. If he is angry a lot and tends not to be happy about anything. There is always a problem or dispute. 

3.  You are being harassed daily

There is nothing more degrading than to have the person you love tell you they don't like anything you do. From what you wear, to the food you cook or the shows you watch. 

Picking at the way you look. As a female, we love to hear words such as, "you look beautiful," "I love your smile," "you have great taste."

Unfortunately, with a narcissist, there will only be put-downs and insults to make you feel powerless and defeated. Their goal is to capture your emotions and have you desperately trying to have their approval, which leaves you in a place of despair. 

If you find yourself within these 3 Signs, it is time to reevaluate going further in this relationship. Always remember, your happiness comes first. No one has a right to treat you with disrespect or unkindness. 

Your love should never shadow what is going on in your life at this present time. You have complete control, don't let anyone or yourself tell you differently. There is no room for excuses. 

Happiness and joy are apart of sharing. Always be honest with yourself. If you are not excited about your life and are treated in a way that drains your spirit, please make that change. Love is such a precious gift from God. No one has the right to take it.

Having love in our lives is amazing, but the right kind of love is very important. Don't waste another minute. There's nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and has her voice, please remember that.

Reach out, take the first step. Your life deserves it. 

Be Blessed

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

3 Top Things a Narcissist Won't Stand For


                            3 Things You Must Be Aware Of

I'm going to share with you something that I didn't notice that was happening to me. If you are in this situation right now, by reading this you will have the heads up to what to do next. 

Keep reading so you can actually see the unthinkable that leads to the moment of despair. The (3) things that a narcissist needs to survive. 

No matter if they are in a relationship or not, they must have these "Three Things" to detour their insecurities.

Unfortunately, because of this power struggle a narcissist has within themselves, we become a target of their emptiness and pain. 

We have left hurt and our life in disarray for meaningless recognition a narcissist feels he deserves. 

 Your Happiness Interrupts Their Attention

1. Feeling happy about your success or your children is a problem for the narcissist. If you are sharing excitement or joy the narcissist will feel threatened. The first emotion will happen. He will begin to become angry. He will find something or anything to argue about. It could be about the food you prepared or something that happened last week. 

The fight won't end there unfortunately, it will continue throughout the night, by either sending your grown kids back to their homes or send the kids to their rooms. He will begin to curse at you and find things that are wrong with you to make you feel terrible about yourself and what you're happy about. 

The sad part of this entire scenario you start to feel that everything that happened is all your fault. You begin to question yourself. Maybe I don't deserve the promotion and my boss felt bad for me. He could be right. The kids didn't work hard for their awards. Until he is satisfied with the attention he receives. The narcissist wins.

 How A Narcissist Needs Supply More Than Oxygen

2.  A narcissist runs his life on Attention, we have established this in 1. They become more dangerous and unpredictable when the thrill is over. When you were sought after, he would bring you flowers, and special gifts and kept the excitement alive in your relationship, until the day came when now you are living ordinary lives. Working, cleaning, and paying bills. To the realistic person this is all part of life and growing with each other and pulling together in good and bad times. Loving one another through all the challenges.

Wait...The narcissist doesn't live by this life. He needs the day you first met to continue in his life at all times. Unfortunately, a narcissist will go out and seek more supply. By supply, I mean more women, any woman who will listen and fall for his non-sense. They are actually running from themselves and their insecurities. They are gasping for air needing and wanting to feel validated and a center of someone's life. 

This will put you at an unnecessary point of unkindness. You will begin to see his ugly side come out. He will be frustrated and moody. He will make sure that you are not doing enough to make him happy. No matter how much you try to keep up with everything. In this turning point of your relationship, he has found someone else, and be ready for the abandonment stage. 

Two ways he will leave. He will leave by packing up and not say a word, and you will be left in limbo and breathless or he will leave a path of destruction behind. By destroying everything in your home and making false police reports. He does this, so his new supply will be sympathetic and have her arms ready to embrace him. 

The Narcissist Will Not Tolerate The Word "No" 

3. A narcissist hates the word "no" more than anything else. Because they feel they are the center of the universe, that they believe no one has a right to say no to anything they suggest or say. Once you say this word to the narcissist, make sure you understand the repercussions. They find this to be an attack and a narcissist will not take this lightly. 

By not praising them, in the way they want can leave you in a dangerous position. They can go into a narcissistic panic and begin threatening you. Applying fear is their way to make you take a step back. In their eyes of delusion, they feel no one has the right to question anything they do or say. "How dare we!"

We must continue to stand up to what we believe in. They are nothing but bullies who think they have a right to push people around and make them bow down to their every whim. A narcissist is always on edge and ready for battle at every moment of their life. They have issues beyond what we can fix. It's like trying to repair the shattered glass. This would make our life impossible for happiness, success, joy, and love.

I knew I didn't deserve a life of pain. I wanted my smile back, I wanted to hear myself laugh something I haven't done in so long. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it was a must to get away from him and never look back. I knew that the challenges I will be facing are just an obstacle towards freedom of torment and misery he put me through. This was worth getting out. 

Don't let comfort convince you that he is the one. I'm sure you have told yourself, he is everything you have been looking for in a man. Not if you have to go through this. Did you read what I wrote? Trying to convince someone to love you, and treat you amazing, will put you in a painful place. There is no happy ending here. This is not a fairy tale. 

Doing more for them to compensate for happiness will leave you broken, and won't change your situation. It doesn't matter what you do or try to do better. This isn't what love feels like. This is your happiness and love your compromising. Never forget who you are in any circumstance, most of all never let anyone control the love you have in your heart, and never give up wanting to live the life you are created to live. 

Begin today and make this change. Laugh, and smile embrace life's goodness, because you deserve it. If you're stuck, join thousands of women like yourself who have changed their lives with my Personalized Meditations created for your specific circumstance. This changed my entire life. It will change yours. 

Begin today by clicking the link on the bottom of the picture.

You will begin a new life of; Confidence Joy and Love. 
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Sunday, August 16, 2020

3 Signs You are a Victim of Narcissist Abuse


Understanding the Signs

1. You begin to attack yourself and cause self-sabotage.

You begin to play scenes of the abuse over and over again in your mind to the point you hear the abuser's voice as it is still present at this very moment. 

You start to believe what the narcissist told you is true. You become ashamed of your life. The abuser has instilled in your mind that you are worthless and any dreams and hopes you have will never amount to anything worth pursuing. 

You inhaled all his toxic energy into your life. The unfortunate part of this self-sabotage is that you took complete responsibility for everything he's done. 

2. Blaming yourself for the abuse

Narcissists know how to manipulate you into believing that the abuse is caused because you are not enough. He will compare you with other wives and girlfriends of his friends and make you feel you are not holding up to the standards the abuser wants. 

You begin to feel less and less confident about yourself and you start to look for ways to change to keep him. The competition game you are playing with yourself seems endless. No matter what you try to do, he makes sure you know it's not enough by treating everyone around you with white gloves. 

He keeps you feeling on edge at all times as if he will leave you at any given moment. You start to wonder; "What can I do better?" "What's wrong with me?" Blaming yourself shines upon you. 

3. You suffer from health problems.

You find that stress is the biggest factor that has taken over your life. You forget to eat, or you eat too much. Anxiety kicks in because you don't know what could happen next and you're always on edge. 

Sleepless nights are happening on a regular basis, and you don't know if it's because you are malnourished or worried about your safety. 

Nightmares become a part of your rest. You wake up in night sweats or gasping for air. Your mind is on overdrive and you can't seem to slow it down. 

The only thing that keeps you going is coffee that you can't wait to have a lot of during the day. Being focused at this point is the hardest thing you had to do. 


I'm a woman who's been through all of the things you are going through. A woman whose life was slammed against the wall. A woman who found her way through her darkest hour. I never gave up hope. I never gave up on me. I will never give up on you.

I knew I didn't deserve a life of pain. I wanted my smile back, I wanted to hear myself laugh something I haven't done in so long. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it was a must to get away from him and never look back. I knew that the challenges I will be facing are just an obstacle towards freedom of torment and misery he put me through. This was worth getting out. 

Having love in our lives is amazing, but the right kind of love is very important. Don't waste another minute. There's nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and has her voice, please remember that.

Reach out to me, and I will guide you through the process. I will answer all of your questions and concerns you have. 

You will begin a new life of; Confidence Joy and Love. 

Begin today, and leave me a message. 

Take your first step towards freedom.

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Have a blessed day.
Amilia Powers