Thursday, October 11, 2018

Silence is the Enemy


As a young girl growing up in a European Environment. We are consistently told to be seen and not heard. Our duties were to help our mothers run the household, by cleaning, cooking and doing other chores to keep things properly maintained, and in order. While the men of the house handled the financial end of caring for the family.

There were days when life was extremely difficult. The arguments and fighting were so unbearable, I found myself in my room under the covers that were on my bed, trying really hard to block out or muffle all the noise. Wishing for it all to stop.  

I wanted so much to have the nerve to say something anything at all to stop what was happening, but I was too afraid. I thought to myself, why isn't my mother speaking up. Why isn't she standing up for herself? 

As time went on and I got older. One morning I had the nerve, and ask her that very question. Why don't you stand up for your self? The answer that I received made me very upset with her. She told me she didn't want to discuss these things with me and to be quiet and go to school. As I walked out of the house that day, I looked back and wished I could help her, and make all of this go away. I had such torn feelings in my stomach. As if my heart was ripped in two.

I was mad at my father, hated what he was doing. All I could think about was, this is the man I looked up to and loved who is causing this hurt, and pain, and at the same time, I was saddened for my mom because she didn't have the courage to stand up for her self, and continued to stay silent.

I wanted to speak to someone, anyone but I could hear my fathers voice in my ear, "whatever happens in the house, stays in the house." I didn't want to be the one to tear my family apart. I know my mother loved him and adored him, I realized that she is the one who would have to take that step.

The time came I finished school, and I began to enter into the business world to start making my own income. I found myself carrying that burden of silence around with me everywhere I went. It was like a bag strapped to my waist. I found myself being more and more like my mother every day. "Silent"

There were people at work and in my day to day encounter, that pushed me around, spoke down to me and took advantage of my good will. I didn't have the courage to speak up and tell them that I don't deserve to be treated like this. I allowed this to happen. There were times I would arrive home from work, so mad at myself for not saying a word, it reminded me of the conversation I had with my mother.

Days turned into months then years. Nothing changed at home, and it seemed nothing changed in my life, but I met a man. He was wonderful and treated me the way every girl dreams of being treated. I mistook that for amazing love and unfortunately, it turned into torment and pain. My fear of letting go consumed me. I loved him and wanted it to work. I didn't want to tell my parents, I knew they wouldn't understand, because of the way they lived their life. I actually stayed silent for a long time and put on this dreadful appearance that my life was perfect.

I struggled with my heart. I knew things needed to change. There was no more love left in my being to give to this man. The unkindness, the ruthless energy he put out was destructive and dismantled any feelings in our household. Everyone was under attack and we never knew when he was going to strike. We were all on the defensive.

I wanted him to go where ever he needed to go and become someone else's problem and not mine. But then again, I couldn't wish this on anyone. The days and nights blended together. It was uncomfortable being in my own home. A place where you can lay your head down and rest became a home without peace and love. No joy rained upon me, no happiness came near. Like a house in the desert with nothing around for miles. It became a very lonely dwelling. I had one thing I knew he could never take away was my faith in the Lord. I prayed day in and day out for guidance. I knew he had my back. I knew this isn't the life he wanted for me.

I was so grateful and thankful when the relationship finally ended. No words can adequately describe the liberation I felt. I was instantly freed, no longer thinking about what had been. I never looked back. I was so inspired not to let this happen to anyone. I refuse to let a woman wait as long as I did to change her life. No one deserves to be treated this way.

I began to write and held workshops to help women all across the country stand up and take notice of their life. I also created meditations through my prayers that are now helping thousands of women overcome these struggles in their own lives. Silence can only work against you and not for you. Being at war with your heart, and feeling those deep wounds that no one can reach, because you decided to stay silent is not the way you want to live your life.

Your life can change. I'm proof that you can find someone that will love and cherish you and treat you the way you are supposed to be treated. It took some time. I wasn't in any rush. I worked on me and became stronger, healthier and more excited about life than I ever was. I drew in people that are doing amazing things in the world. There is nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and smiling and has her voice. You will find yourself surrounded by joy and love.

I'm thankful and grateful everyday. For the good times and for the bad times, they have brought me to where I'm today.

Be Blessed.

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Be blessed,

I look forward to speaking with you.

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Amilia Powers

Monday, October 8, 2018

Stress Let's Break-Up--Toxic Relationship

I would like to ask a question?
Do you have a lot of stress in your relationship?

Dear Stress, It's Time,

Nothing can prepare you for living with someone whose behavior is unpredictable and devastating, draining, hurtful, and ultimately the most unkind experience imaginable. This feels as if they have more control over your thoughts then you.
This brings on so many different emotions. Anxiety, depression, lack of interest in your happiness. You begin to just exist. Silence becomes a way of life, and you know it won't be long before this triggers an argument or fight. 
Not standing up for your self and suppressing your feelings is a very unhealthy way to go about things, especially when those feelings are silenced and full of discontent. Conflict is inevitable.

Just the sound of their voice causes you stress. You don't know what is going to come out of their mouth next. You decide that you will stay out of their way. You start to become anxious about the thought of them coming home or even spending time with them. At this point, you begin to feel overwhelmed. Your emotions are pushing you right through the door but at the same time your afraid to take that first step.

In your heart you know you have to end this relationship, your health is at risk because of the stress your mind and body is under. You're tired of being criticized, laughed at and ridiculed day after day. There hasn't been any happiness for as long as you can remember. 

Your a woman who deserves love and kindness, compliments and joy. A man that will treasure you. Stand beside you with your dreams and passions. 
You must break-up with your stress first. You're probably wondering what do I mean? Just what I said. If you don't take control of your feelings and your situation it will become worse. Tension will rise, and you put yourself and your family at risk for whatever happens next.

Disconnecting from stress and stop focusing on what he's doing, and more on what you need to do will help you get a firm grip on your situation. You will gain more confidence, and you will become stronger and healthier and better equipped to handle what is ahead of you. 

Never forget who you are in any circumstance, most of all never let anyone control the love you have in your heart, and never give up wanting to live the life you were created to live.
Always remember safety first. Let your family and friends, people that are close to you know what is going on, that way they can support you through these times. It's going to be difficult at first, but you can do this. You know in your heart, this isn't the way love is supposed to be. 

Please Please, don't forget you hold the power over your own life. No one has the right to harm, or mistreat you. Continue being an amazing woman, and share your kindness and love, but extend it to the ones who love you and respect you and enjoy everything about you.

Leave me a message, with your contact information and the best time to reach you, and I will guide you through the process.

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The biggest myth is people believing that they cannot shut off the noise long enough to meditate. Let me tell you a little secret. When the Meditation is personalized, you tune right into your life and solution. There isn't any sound that will affect this. It is the most incredible experience you will ever have.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

I Understand Your Pain

How Do I Forgive

In the article, Who are we convincing? We spoke about understanding where you are in your relationship, there was a question I asked you read. If you didn't get a chance to read this article, please do so. This is a continuation of our conversation. What did you feel about your answer? Here is the question again. How long can we continue to play the convincing role with ourselves and the people around us? We are playing a hardball with our heart. Stop It.

The cost of staying in a relationship without value becomes a lonely place. Remember how important your smile is to you, your laugh, and joy. When was the last time you felt loved? 

Understanding your pain is very important. When we acknowledge that love isn't supposed to feel any way but incredible, we need to change our circumstances. 

We have to stop telling ourselves that we love the person who is hurting us. We tend to make this mistake time and time again. We must stop believing that they will change, and treat us better. We have already trained them to treat us disrespectfully. We must take responsibility for our happiness because they will not, and they will continue doing to us what we allow them to do.

I understand your pain because I have been there. The best thing I have ever done was being able to understand my pain, and where it was coming from. First, don't blame yourself for falling in love with the wrong person, and secondly, don't punish yourself for simply being human. Most importantly you should not keep this inside. You will begin to feel frustrated and alone. Third, please forgive yourself, because it's not your battle, it's theirs.

No one deserves to live alone in a relationship. When you are going through this, it feels as if no one can hear you. You become completely silent, and your silence begins working against you. Your heart shuts down to the outside world. At this point you would like someone, anyone, to pull you out of this bad dream. 

It's very important to understand, that people who hurt others intentionally are people who are hurt themselves. This is no excuse for their behavior, and you should never accept this type of treatment. They need to take responsibility for themselves and get some help. You are not their savior.

While they are trying to figure out themselves, you need to begin to start to make some decisions. I have two questions for you.

1. Are you willing to compromise your happiness, your joy, and your life and stay in a destructive relationship?

2. Are you going to take complete control and responsibility of your life, and your happiness, and begin to live the life you were created to live?

This is a very difficult time, but it isn't a difficult choice. It's alright to be upset, It's not wrong to cry.
What's wrong is to be with someone who is hurtful, and unkind, who has no regard for you.

Please speak to family friends, and explain to them what is going on in your life. I'm sure they will be open and understanding and helpful. You have hidden your pain from everyone, and it's time to let them know what is happening so they can help guide you and protect you while you go through these challenges.

You can reach out to me, and leave me a message and the best time to reach you. I will do my best to help you through the process.

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You are not alone, 
Be Blessed

Watch for the next article, I will begin to answer email questions right here.
I'm blessed to be with you. Be safe. Have a great weekend. We will talk Sunday.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Breaking Through a Life of Pain--Healing

When was your break through?

Hello Everyone! I hope your day is going well.

When was your breakthrough?

Think about this for a minute.

Let me explain. 
I made a decision to walk away from things, people who didn't serve a purpose in my life. These people were the ones who put down everything that I was trying to do. They tried every which way they could to find fault with what I was trying to accomplish. I knew in my heart letting go was a must.

I started to become closely connected with the ones who loved me and supported my dreams and goals.

I thought that I wouldn't be able to break free from the ordinary and all the negative defeating small talk that I allowed being my source of power. 

I thought it would be hard, it was the most liberating feeling I had ever felt. Staying in that familiar place, what I saw with my eyes limited me. By breaking free and opening up my heart along with faith, I learned that I can see further than I ever imagined. Leaving people and things behind that held me back wasn't an option, it was something I needed to do. I knew doing the same thing day after day, was only giving me the same result. I began to explore new opportunities.

The world was bigger than the capsule I allowed myself to live in. 

When I began my journey of learning and traveling, I have grown from my own experiences.
Great risk produces amazing rewards. 

Believe in your gift enough for change. It's not easy by any means. You have to tone things down a bit. Simplify your life to move forward to live the life you really want. I did whatever it took to make it possible for me. I just didn't wake up and say I needed to change my situation. I went ahead and did everything I could. I asked questions, met people with the same purpose. I learned every chance I could. I would wake up early morning hours searching for better ways to take myself to the next level. I followed great mentors and learned from their expertise.

I stuck with it and stayed consistent. I did this every day without a glitch. As doors began to open for me I stayed humble and didn't tell anyone what I was doing. I let the people that I helped, and touched their lives, do that for me.

Stick with your plan and do whatever it takes. I believe that Living to help others is the largest gift you can give yourself. The challenges in our lives is our expertise. 

1. We embraced it
2. We understand it
3. People are ready to learn from it

If you are stuck, join the thousands of people who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations created specifically for your own circumstances. 

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Let's get going.
Your dreams are important, your gift is important. 
Leave me a message.

I look forward to working with you. 
Be blessed

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I have created this special addition to my meditation practices. It is back from popular demand. It is "Personalized Meditations" Our meditations have changed the way people view healing and solving problems. 

We are excited to share this with you: 

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The biggest myth is people believing to not shut off the noise long enough to meditate. Let me tell you a little secret. When the meditation is personalized you tune right into your life and solution.

There isn't any sound that will affect this. It is the most incredible experience you will ever have.

Be blessed,
I look forward to speaking with you.
Leave me a message and the best time to reach you.
I will guide you through the process