Thursday, March 31, 2016

You Touched My Heart

Good Evening Everyone! This has been Day of Many Thoughts! I first want to thank all of you for your kindness and Support. It is wonderful how many emails I get everyday. Most of all thank you for being the strength someone else needs. I spoke to a gentleman tonight who feels his love has ended when the Love of his Life made the decision to sever the relationship. He is heart broken. When this occurs you can not hold back feelings. Sometimes you are going to say things that realistically you intend to say. The most important thing here is to embrace your emotions and tell yourself that it is fine you are feeling this way. You should be expressing pain and sadness. Don't hold onto this emotion to a point where it consumes you. Talking about how you feel with supportive friends and family helps to lesson the hurt. Remember to continue to take care of yourself. Stay active even if you don't want to. If your invited out you should never refuse it. We also can't forget that LOVE is not a person it's an emotion. You can not loose this, it's a part of each one of us. There is so much to love in our lives. The list is endless! Loving that List will give you The Strength to move forward to a more meaningful life. Please show your support write a comment you can email me: Or Amilia Powers

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How is Everyone on this Fantastic Morning!

Good Morning! It was a wonderful Easter Weekend. I'm happy to see all of you coming together and sharing your Faith Love and Support. My email Box was full once again. I was able to speak with most of you on Easter Evening. I had an interesting conversation with one of our friends here at Valueurself. We spoke in length about letting the people around you know what is going on in your life, so you don't have to carry the burden by yourself. During our talk, she told me that she kept all her pain to herself, she didn't want to bother her family and friends. She just went along acting as if there was nothing wrong. Being in touch with your feelings and expressing your thoughts keeps you true to your emotions. It helps you stay present and have healthier relationships with whom ever you encounter. It is necessary to share your pain and sadness. No One should ever feel afraid and hide this. When you start to work on your value it will help you create an emotional balance in your life. Please leave your comment and support. you can email me at: or you can leave me a message at Have a Wonderful Day all of you! Be True To Yourself Amilia Powers

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter to all of you!!!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Today is a Day for Family and Blessings. I want to wish all of you a wonderful and Joyous Day!! God Bless! Anyone who needs to talk may feel alone. Please reach out! Leave me your contact information we have a wonderful community and no one should feel this way at any time. We are all here stay in faith! Amilia Powers Email:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Continuing Discussion on Yesterday's Post

How is everyone on this lovely afternoon? The Topic of Discussion is Isolation. An understanding of ourselves is needed. You can not sit and wait for a person to make you happy. When they don't want to speak with you and they don't want to spend time with you. This makes you feel lonely and disconnected from life,if all you have to look forward to is this person. YOU have to create your own love for life. Having full awareness will not allow a partner to take control and put you in this type of situation of unhappiness. Staying Active in your own lives having your own interests applying self worth. You can never stop living life. Don't start by living the way someone else wants. Loving yourself comes first. Please write your comments email me: visit my website:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tonight was Incredible!!

I want to thank all of you very much for your support. The man that I'm working with who rather stay annominous wants to thank Everyone for sending their love. He realizes that he is not alone. We have a nice community of people who support one an other. No one is here to Judge. This is wonderful for all us learning from one another my email was full of responses I believe I got to the majority of them. I will try to get to the rest of you by tomorrow I promise. There was a lot of personal questions I had to answer and it took time. This is not something I like to rush. There was one particular question from a woman. She feels isolated from Life!I would like to get some of your input. This is a Horrible Feeling that know one should ever encounter. We will speak more on this Topic Have a good night This week with all of you has been a blessing You can email me: Or follow on Facebook. and leave your comments

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Is Everyone Today!

Good Morning! It is a wonderful Day it's starting to feel like SPRING. I'm happy to be with all of you today! The Topic of conversation last night in the meeting was your passion in life and how you are held back from your partners to live their DREAM. My biggest question was how do you feel about that?? A man answered: I feel I have to live for my partner what ever she needs to do to get ahead but I'm not heard at all on hopes and dreams. I feel I'm losing out on opportunities if I mention an interest she talks over me like I didn't say a thing. To alleviate any form of argument I keep my thoughts to myself. I gave a prime example: This is walking on Egg Shells. You can get a free Download from my website I asked how does this feel?? He answered terrible I want to be involved in our relationship and not have to walk around quietly thinking I'm going to hurt feelings if I respond. My Answer: We have to make a choice to appreciate who we are and enjoy each other's conversation, this is how we learn and grow it takes two people to embrace life together not one ruling the fort. Please write your comments I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject. Or email: Have a wonderful Day Remember ValueUrSelf Amilia Powers

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beautiful Day to All of You!

Good Mornings Everyone! I opened my email. It's nice to hear from you! You are having a good start. I'm have a small pow wow tonight to talk about how are CHOICES in our lives cause us stress And we become overwhelmed. This is an interesting topic. I would like your input! Please make comments. I'm still getting emails that you are not comfortable making comments publicl. It's no different than your personal Facebook. Your thoughts are valuable share with us! I will keep you informed what we learned. Have a good day! contact email:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Great Evening In New York!!

Good Evening Everyone!! Thank you for all the responses on the last post! The Support is appreciated! I received emails from some of you who rather email me instead of posting in public. You should never be nervous to post a comment. We are all together as a group to give each other support. Sometimes we forget how to do interact with one another. We all need to join together to stop fear and pain and replace this with courage and strength. Did you ever hear the saying "there is strength in numbers". Life is an amazing journey we have a Choice to live how we want. There is nothing more terrible than living this special gift in fear. I read an email from annominous. This individual said they don't like getting up in the morning because they already know how there day is going to be. The pain of this person radiated through the email. Please write Post comments and help them become brave enough to make that change. I will be working one on one with them. Send your support. Thank you Amilia powers I have free books on my website if you scroll down slowly to the books section you will see them

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How are you doing today??

I have to start by saying thank you for all your emails. I'm getting to know most of you. I'm doing my best to get to all the emails. You have fantastic stories to share. I'm happy to hear from some of you who I have been working with. It's nice to hear you are stepping into freedom with courage and strength what a breakthrough. I have been having trouble with downloading Free Information for all of you to read. Hopefully I will get all of this resolved in the next day or so and you can get a copy from my website. How is everyone today?? this was an exciting day. It was a day of questions about LIFE! I would like to share one that I read that I found most interesting. A Women emailed me and asked: How do you know when a relationship is not good when one day your happy and the next your sad? There is a lot of yelling but I love him I feel at times I'm walking on Egg Shells and I do not know what to do? Now I answered this question for her. I have A document I want you to read. Once I get this PDF to work on my website I would like you to print a copy. I believe this will open some hearts. I would love to hear from all of you, what you think about this question she wrote? Please leave your comments. Thank you for your support Amilia Powers email: website:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Can't Believe It!!

How is everyone today? It was wonderful how many emails I received hoping and praying that everything went well yesterday with the young lady I was meeting. I love how many of you reached out. That is a true blessing. All this support for her and I in my travels wishing me well. Rest assured she is fine and needs guidance to work out the issues that are present. We are going to stay in contact and work on courage and strength she is not ready to leave. She knows this isn't a healthy way to live. Until she makes that Conscious decision to chance her own circumstances then the situation will remain the same. We went through Choices and there was only one that would change her path to a more fullfilling life. This is understood yesterday. I assured her that because she allowed this type of behavior to take place from the beginning it's difficult to take her power back. It will end up in a constant battle WE HAVE A CHOICE TO CHANGE OUR LIFE Thanks again everyone Have a good rest of your day I will speak to you soon Amilia Powers Email me:

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good Morning Everyone!!

I would first like to thank all of you for being here with me today. Today is a very unique day. I had an email from a young women yesterday in her mid thirties. She emailed "I need your help I don't know what to do"?. I emailed her back and gave her my cell phone number. When she called she was completely in distress and crying. She is TORMENTED BY her FIANCE'S verbal abuse. The constant harsh verbal abuse can be emotionally and mentally debilitating. Continual Berating can shatter one's self esteem causing depression, and the start of fear. You begin to walk on egg shells and without realizing your giving control of yourself to someone else. This is unacceptable behavior. There is no person, institution or power on this earth that gives anyone the right to assault who you are. I have set a time to meet with her today. She lives about an hour and half away from me. We will work together on this issue. This is not a quick fix, this takes energy to over turn power and apply VALUE to yourself. What kind of price tag are you wearing?? Is this life you have with this person worth it?? Questions please People listen to yourselves you have the answers. Reach out for support. I will see you tomorrow and we will talk more. Have a Good Day!! Amilia Powers email me: or visit me

Thursday, March 10, 2016



This has been an amazing week with some of the most fantastic people. We had a Meeting today on "Valuing Ur Self" this was the topic of discussion. I was teaching in my group today to treat yourself like your best friend, have compassion, love and understanding. Being kind to oneself  will show others how you would like to be treated. We learnt during conversation not to speak negative to yourself in a way that promotes self criticism. Taking a different approach to the kind of care you give to yourself will help you over come self doubt and give you the courage and strength to have Balance and Harmony in your life. Learning to catch your words/voice and recognize them before they are said. Change and recite in a way of happiness and joy to yourself.
Remember this very Important message. "What you fill your heart with is how you will live."
This was an amazing Day!
Thank you joining me in this discussion.
Amilia Powers Contact me:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's The Weekend!

Good Afternoon!
I'm having coffee at Ostcafe New York City. 441East 12 Street Avenue A. This is the sweetest Cafe. I love coming here people are friendly open for discussion. The smell of freshness.
While in the Coffee Shop people were talking about a topic of REGRET! This became a debate, with no feelings attached people were speaking out. There was a elderly man sitting at one of the tables he had a cane in one hand and his newspaper in the other. He yelled out kids!. The entire place went silent. He continued to say: I'm from Romania 55 years ago I come here. Let me explain to you something. There isn't any regrets. There are mistakes, good and bad situations but regrets No. This is all in your mind. Everything happens the way we want, maybe you wish it could have been better or this way or that way. There are no Regrets. Let's call this Learning shall we? Everyone stood up and applauded! I wanted to share this with all of you! Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sitting By The Fire

How is Everyone Tonight?

I'm sitting here cozy snuggled in by the fire place writing notes from tonight's meeting. This was a great group of individuals. Great attitudes, spirits were good. Today,s topic was being scared: Now your saying to yourself scared of what??? "Scared Of Speaking Up" I was teaching today not to focuse on being scared so much but work on the strengths we do have and make them stronger. The stronger we get in all areas the more confident we become and the easier it gets to speak up. This was the lesson of the day!! Have a good night!