Sunday, August 16, 2020

3 Signs You are a Victim of Narcissist Abuse


Understanding the Signs

1. You begin to attack yourself and cause self-sabotage.

You begin to play scenes of the abuse over and over again in your mind to the point you hear the abuser's voice as it is still present at this very moment. 

You start to believe what the narcissist told you is true. You become ashamed of your life. The abuser has instilled in your mind that you are worthless and any dreams and hopes you have will never amount to anything worth pursuing. 

You inhaled all his toxic energy into your life. The unfortunate part of this self-sabotage is that you took complete responsibility for everything he's done. 

2. Blaming yourself for the abuse

Narcissists know how to manipulate you into believing that the abuse is caused because you are not enough. He will compare you with other wives and girlfriends of his friends and make you feel you are not holding up to the standards the abuser wants. 

You begin to feel less and less confident about yourself and you start to look for ways to change to keep him. The competition game you are playing with yourself seems endless. No matter what you try to do, he makes sure you know it's not enough by treating everyone around you with white gloves. 

He keeps you feeling on edge at all times as if he will leave you at any given moment. You start to wonder; "What can I do better?" "What's wrong with me?" Blaming yourself shines upon you. 

3. You suffer from health problems.

You find that stress is the biggest factor that has taken over your life. You forget to eat, or you eat too much. Anxiety kicks in because you don't know what could happen next and you're always on edge. 

Sleepless nights are happening on a regular basis, and you don't know if it's because you are malnourished or worried about your safety. 

Nightmares become a part of your rest. You wake up in night sweats or gasping for air. Your mind is on overdrive and you can't seem to slow it down. 

The only thing that keeps you going is coffee that you can't wait to have a lot of during the day. Being focused at this point is the hardest thing you had to do. 


I'm a woman who's been through all of the things you are going through. A woman whose life was slammed against the wall. A woman who found her way through her darkest hour. I never gave up hope. I never gave up on me. I will never give up on you.

I knew I didn't deserve a life of pain. I wanted my smile back, I wanted to hear myself laugh something I haven't done in so long. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it was a must to get away from him and never look back. I knew that the challenges I will be facing are just an obstacle towards freedom of torment and misery he put me through. This was worth getting out. 

Having love in our lives is amazing, but the right kind of love is very important. Don't waste another minute. There's nothing more exciting than a woman who is happy and has her voice, please remember that.

Reach out to me, and I will guide you through the process. I will answer all of your questions and concerns you have. 

You will begin a new life of; Confidence Joy and Love. 

Begin today, and leave me a message. 

Take your first step towards freedom.

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Have a blessed day.
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Saturday, August 8, 2020

What Have I Done?--Narcissist Abuse



To the outside world, I was "typical." A young woman, divorced, a mother of two small children-nothing really out of the ordinary. Getting married so young had led to getting divorced young. My husband and I both wanted to live different lives. It was an inevitable ending to something that had happened far too early in our lives. 

As I moved on with my life, I  struggled financially, but I was determined to make it. I knew what I wanted. I stayed focused, saved, and purchased a home, only to realize that it took a lot of money to maintain that home. I had to get a second job to better support myself and provide for the kids. There were no other options and I wanted everything to work out. Yet, nothing was great. Working wasn't my problem. I wasn't afraid of hard work, I was more successful at attracting the wrong kind of men than I realized.

As time moved on and I met a man. He was wonderful and treated me the way every girl dreams of being treated. I mistook that for the amazing love and unfortunately, it turned into pain and torment. My fear of letting go consumed me because I loved him and wanted it to work, all I felt and tried to hold onto was the day we met. I also had to settle for a second job that I didn't like, long dreadful hours that was physically exhausting but felt I needed. I wasn't happy. I was trying to keep up appearances. There was no balance or harmony in my life anywhere. Furthermore, knowing that I was responsible was agonizing. My life deteriorated and unraveled. I didn't like the person I turned into, becoming more distant from my life and never finding peace. I was just existing. 

I began journaling my everyday encounter with him. How it was impacting my life. Writing everything down in a journal was my release. I emptied my thoughts of emotional pain, and verbal abuse, helped me get through one more day. I needed to unload, and felt this was the only way to stay strong. 

It was that one day, I knew I had to admit to myself if I was going to become more invested in my life than just one more day I would need to take control of what is happening in my life. The stress was overwhelming, no rest. The kids were unhappy. I couldn't believe what I was writing in my journal. Who lives like this. Under these conditions of so much hostility, anger, and violence. 

I made this a habit in my life. Like waking up every day and brushing my teeth. You know when your life is spiraling out of control when you know what is going to happen the next day. There wasn't any joy to look forward to. This was the lowest point of my life. When the voices inside your head are screaming at you to make a change now. Not next week, next month. Today.

That one question that changed my life. "Is this the LIFE you dreamed of? 

From that day forward, my life did a 360 without hesitation. I believe I stuck it out as long as I could. There wasn't any change in sight. I hoped and prayed that whatever was going on with him would change, but it was getting worse. The memory I held onto the day we first met faded away. 

When the relationship came to a close, it was a violent ending to something that should have happened months ago. I wasn't frightened. I prayed and stayed in faith throughout the relationship and I believed that whatever was going to happen would be the best for me and my family.

Don't wait. Love is not unkind. Happiness and joy are apart of sharing. Always be honest with yourself. If you are not excited about your life and are treated in a way that drains your spirit, please make that change. Love is such a precious gift from God. No one has the right to take it. Let love, and faith guide your life, you can't make any mistakes with that. 

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