Sunday, December 31, 2017


New Years is a few hours away.
With the New Year approaching, it's time to look beyond the moment. We will ring in the New Year with movement of joy, peace, love and happiness. Moving is energy. Movement doesn't take thousands, it starts with a few who can make a difference in each others lives. 
Lets encourage people around us to move in the right direction. We can begin by giving thanks, being grateful for one another. Kind to one another. Most importantly love and care for each other. 
I would love to wish all of you and your families, a Blessed New Year. Have a joyous start to the New Year 2018.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


We spoke this week about many important subjects. We spoke about the word "Joy" and what it means in our lives. We spoke about "Compassion" how important it is to care about one another. We spoke about "Hope" this is a powerful word that brings change in all of our lives.
I would like to ask you a question? What can we do right now that can better our lives, from everything we spoke about?
I'm going to give you something to thing to think about:
1. Why don't you try to smile more. If you can do this, your attitude will change.
2. Share some kindness with the less fortunate. This will open your heart.
3. Be the love you want to see in the world. Be forgiving, by doing this, you will have peace.
4. Say a prayer everyday. It doesn't have to be a long one. It could be a sentence. Hand your thoughts over.
Lets try these steps. I know from my own experiences that it is not easy at times. When I had difficulty I found number 4, to be the easiest for me, and I worked my way backwards to number 1. 
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Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I received many emails during Christmas about being disappointed. 
Lets talk about this for a minute.
Disappointments are usually tied to expectations. We have high expectations from other people. For example: You would love the people in your life to treat you a certain way. Conduct themselves in a way you feel is appropriate. You are disappointed with the gift you received for Christmas from a close friend, family or spouse. You might feel you went beyond to share the glory of Christmas. 
We have to begin by excepting that everyone is different. We should not raise our expectations and assume everyone is going to do the same. This doesn't give anyone a pass on how they treat you, but you have to understand the situation, and where its coming from. How you respond is your responsibility, the way they handle themselves is their's. 
As for presents, what you did for Christmas came from your heart thats it. Don't expect everyone to be as kind and generous as you. Everyone gives differently. Continue to love and share your glory with others. That is what makes you unique. Do not use comparison and you will never be disappointed.
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Have a blessed Holiday!

Monday, December 25, 2017


I would like to speak about Hope for a moment:
Hope at Christmas time is something that everyone can have. Hope starts with prayer. I was in church last night and Father said to look up when you need answers and recite your prayer. 
We tend to look down, and hold ourselves there in the dark. Lets start everyday by looking up into the light and give praise. This is where you will find the answers.
I would love to wish everyone a blessed Christmas. May the joys follow each and everyone of you into the New Year.
Amilia Powers

Saturday, December 23, 2017


In our daily lives, it can be easy to want to fit in with those around us: what to wear, what to say, how to behave, how to love, how to treat others. If we are honest with ourselves, all we have to be is ourselves and nothing more.
Our heart is valuable. We don’t guard worthless things. It is the essence of who you are. It is our blue print. It is where all your dreams, your desires, and your passions live. It is that part of you that connects with other people.
Because your heart is the source of everything you do. In other words, it is the source of everything else in your life. It holds our joy, our happiness, love and kindness our thoughts, words, and actions.
What does your heart feel right now??
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Friday, December 22, 2017


Lets Talk
I received many emails about, how to handle emotions after a break-up. I understand this is a hard thing to do during the holidays. You don't know how to express joy, and love. You are watching people having fun, and it becomes overwhelming, because you want to feel this way to.
I will give you an example on where to start: Lets begin by
re-channeling our love. Your asking me, how do I possibly do that? Let me explain, being kind towards others has been shown to improve our emotions. Giving back can be a powerful way to “rechannel our love.” Help someone in need. Show your love and your heart will begin to open, you will soon find joy, and a sense of peace. Your heart will start to feel lighter. 
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Have a blessed day.
Amilia Powers

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Lets talk about gifts:
I received many emails with concerns about presents. How they are used. Let me explain what a gift should mean. 
A surprise is simply something good that you weren’t really expecting. It’s something that makes you feel special and lets you know that someone is thinking about you. Surprises bring us joy and lift our hearts. It's a way to show love, with the simplest things such as flowers.
Gifts are not meant to be used to apologize for hurting you and paining you. It doesn't make up for the unkindness and disrespect that has been handed to you. By excepting a gift for any of these reasons, you give the abuser the ok and he will keep doing this to you.
Please begin to understand the reason for the gift, and why it was given to you. Knowing the reasons for the present is very important, and when "No Thank you" is appropriate then thats your answer. Make sure you are clear if the gift was given to you out of love and joy, or given to you from an unkind place.
Please except wisely,
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

#findingapartner #howtoleaveanunhealthyrelationship

I received an email last night. It was from a young lady in our community. She asked this question: She wanted to know how did I find joy during such a hurtful period in my life? 
I know that there are many people hurting and are in painful situations. Please read this carefully. I can surely tell you that you must believe in yourself. You must believe you are not alone, because your not. 
You will all think I'am crazy for saying this. But the truth of the matter is. I kept doing the right thing while the wrong thing was happening to me. This motivated me enough to know I was on my way to a more happy and fulfilled life. The life I deserved with love, and respect. 
I did not for a moment being in that raw place, stop moving, and reaching for better. It gave me the inner strength I needed to continue on my day in faith, and in promise to myself and family that we will overcome. 
I can tell you we have overcome.
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Have a blessed day.
It's your turn to live in JOY
Amilia Powers

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


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I do believe if you make room in your heart and keep it open for love, and joy you will find it.
To make room for love, sometimes we need to empty ourselves of hurt, pain, and unwanted emotions.
This eBook brings an old-fashioned way into your present life, and can lead you to a new found path of 
love and happiness.

Monday, December 18, 2017


I received many emails on this subject feeling unsatisfied.
Ok! Lets Talk about our Feelings:
We often complain about doing more than our partners. Part of the problem is that we make a lot of excuses for their behaviors. We compromise, we give in, we negotiate, we stay quite more often then we should, which goes against our better judgment. In the end, we end up with hurtful feelings, we don't feel loved and adored, but the only thing we were doing is making them happy. We weren't doing anything wrong, but it is wrong. Feeling unhappy and unsatisfied isn't right.
We love when they are around, but we are exhausted for our emptiness. We want to be cherished and happy. We would like him to treat us the way we treat him. Our stomach aches for this. We anticipate this every time their with us. 
We need to start by being responsible for our feelings, and let them know what we need. We need to stop being the do-re and let him take charge of certain things. Men want to be the Alpha in the relationship. When we do to much, we take away who he really wants to be with us. He wants to care for you, show you joy, he wants to see you smile. Give him thanks when he does things for you. He will always want to do nice things for you.
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Have a great night

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Lets end the week lifting our heads high, and begin the week with good thoughts.
When we are feeling good, we are thinking good thoughts. We are on track and we are emitting a powerful energy of joy that is being attracted back to us. It feels good right?
Seize these moments when you are feeling good.
Be aware that when you are in this place of peace, you are powerfully attracting more good things to your life.
Have a blessed Sunday!
Stay in good Spirits.
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