Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Today, was one of those days with a hot topic.
"You are not responsible for other peoples happiness."
How true is this statement in your life?
I receive many emails daily on this. People write about how exhausted they are trying to make their spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, family happy.
Here's the thing. We can not make people happy, if they are not happy themselves. There isn't anything that you can do, that will ever change that. We will never know what is going on with them. It makes us sad and unhappy to see them this way. We are trying our best right?
We have to come to a understanding with ourselves, and realize the position we are in. It is not are business to try to fix them. We should never sacrifice, our happiness for someone else. This is someone who is very selfish and doesn't care about your kindness, and your happiness.
It is time to re-evaluate the relationship. It's time to take back your smile, and laughter that you are missing out on. These are the most prescious gifts we were ever given. You are worth more than to be a slave to the unhappiness of others.
(You could be on that thin line, involved with someone who is emotionally abusive. Be aware how you want to live your life. Thats your answer.) 
I know you felt this at one point or your in it right now:
Well, let me explain. The food you prepare is just be ok. Your excitement about life wasn't exciting anymore, they made it hard share it. The coffee you make for them is never hot enough. There will never be enough money. 
You will forget how to smile. You will begin to live a life of unkindness. Your passion will be gone. Laughter will be few. You will start to believe this is how life is, and you won't even notice the changes in your personality. You begin to live a life of self doubt.

You catch my drift.
Please do not be a servant to the ungrateful, to the selfish, and those of whom are un-worthy of your love, kindness, and smile. Your warmth of giving is a blessing and should never be sacrificed.
I look forward to your emails.
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Be Blessed
Amilia Powers

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