Monday, November 30, 2020

Pain Behind Broken Vases/Amilia Powers

We all know when something isn't right. There isn't anyone reading this that can tell me any different. We make a choice to either deal with it or make a change. I knew when things weren't good in my relationship. I knew he was falling apart. He was very abusive, there was no color coating that. I made a choice to try. Whether if that's wrong or right, that's what I chose to do.

Well, "Choice" is a wonderful word, isn't it? This word is used in every area of our lives. Let me explain. We make a choice to get up in the morning, right? We make a choice to either live happy, or sad. We make a choice to be clean or dirty. Ect...

I knew I was in charge of how I felt, but I still made a choice to be unhappy. What I was really doing was holding on to the falsehood that one day my destructive relationship would be a happy one. Hoping that I would live happily ever after like many couples I knew.

What started to happen, I began to resent my feelings. My heart told me many times this isn't right. I didn't want to listen to that. I began to battle with myself, what a conflict that was. I tried to figure out this big master plan, that if I changed this or that, and made things more exciting than my life would magically change, and we would fall in love all over again.

What I want you to focus on here is, I wanted to change my feelings and make things wonderful and happy, but not once did I tell you he wanted things to change, or that he mentioned to me he has something exciting planned for us. It takes two ladies.

I was fighting a never-ending battle, that I wasn't going to win. Things became worse, he began to disrespect me as much as he could. The belittling, cursing, fighting, and you can figure out the rest.

I knew what happiness is really like. I have that with my friends and family, those contagious belly laughs that are uncontrollable. The memories, when you sit at your desk at work and a thought comes to your mind and your smiling from ear to ear of complete joy.

I wasn't living like this at all. I wasn't looking forward to spending time with him. I began to dislike him as a person and human being. I couldn't stand looking at him, let alone hearing his voice. It would go right through me like a sword piercing through my heart.

As life for me began a new chapter, I took a very good look at what transpired. I started to really focus on myself. I understood why life treated me this way. I didn't blame him. I learned that I have a responsibility to myself. As you read above. We can not change others to love and feel the same way we feel. Most people are dealing with their own stuff, and don't know how to handle it. You never want to be a target of someone else's inner demons.

Please when you first begin to notice it's wrong, it is wrong. Don't second guess it, and don't try to fix it. Please do not stay in it.

This is how "Pain Behind Broken Vases" came about. This is a novel based on a true story. A young woman who hoped and dreamt that one day she would be able to fall in love.

When that day arrived she felt a glimmer of hope. A man who would care for her and treat her special.

She mistook that for amazing love and unfortunately it turned into pain and torment. The fear of letting go consumed her because she loved him and wanted the relationship to work. All she felt and tried to hold onto was the day they first met. 

Each chapter will keep you in suspense. Pain Behind Broken Vases will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from the first paragraph. You will feel firsthand what it is like to only have fear to hold onto. 


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Amilia Powers 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Never Compromise Your Happiness--Toxic Relationship


when I was a young girl in my teens. I use to sit in my room and daydream about the day I would meet my handsome prince. Like all childhood fairy tales, they ended happily ever after. In Love Forever.

As I grew up and began to date, I realized that life isn't a fairy tale at all. Not everyone will treat you like a princess, and do the loving things that you hoped and dreamed of as you became older. 

We try to hold on to those stories, hoping that one day we will find the love of our life, and live blissfully.

That day finally came. I met the love of my life, I was treated like a princess, I thought we were the only two people in the world. As if the world was rotating around us. Every day was amazing. I would feel my heart smile. It was a wonderful time in my life. 

One day I came home, happy as I left in the morning but my world seemed to come to a stop. His voice was different, and his smile was nowhere to be found. I wasn't even given a chance to ask him what was the matter, he told me to leave him alone and he didn't want to talk to me. 

I went to the bedroom and prepared for bed. It was early, but I didn't want to go into the living room or kitchen. He wants to be alone. I don't know if something happened at work. So many questions were running through my head. I never saw him like this before. Maybe tomorrow we will talk. I will just stay here for the night. 

I fell asleep and didn't even hear him leave in the morning. He has never left the house without saying goodbye and without a kiss. Maybe he will call me later and tell me. I didn't have to work today and began my day as I usually do. I tried not to think about it until I knew what was going on. 

He came home late afternoon, didn't say hello. I greeted him anyway. He started yelling at me for not having his dinner ready. We never have dinner this early. When I told him this, he told me to shut up. 

I finally asked him what was the matter, and he remained quiet. It was so silent and uncomfortable during dinner that you could hear a pin drop. I didn't know what else to say. Day after day he began to treat me worse. I loved him and didn't want to lose him. I let this continue. 

I believe at this time you can basically understand where the story is going. I let this go on for some time. I was verbally and hurtfully tormented by a narcissist. 

If you are going through this, don't hang on to him longer than you have to. Love isn't supposed to feel so bad. You must reach out to a close friend or family, you can't do this alone. Support is the key.
You will get through this. You will be safe. You will stay in faith. 

As I began the healing process and learned to add forgiveness to my life, I began to write through my pain and started workshops to help women all across the country stand up and take notice of their life. I also created meditations through my prayers that are now helping thousands of women overcome these struggles in their own lives. Silence can only work against you and not for you. Being at war with your heart, and feeling those deep wounds that no one can reach, because you decided to stay silent is not the way you want to live your life.

This is your love and happiness your compromising. Never forget who you are in any circumstance, most of all never let anyone control the love you have in your heart. 

It's time to begin and join thousands of women who have changed their lives with my "Personalized Meditations," which is created for your own personal circumstances.

These meditations will lead you out of the darkness, keep you calm, and be more focused. You will leave fear behind, become stronger, and never feel alone. 

These Meditations will help heal your broken heart and ease your pain. As well as those who have suffered the injustice of another.

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You can also leave me a message, with your contact information and the best time to reach you and I will guide you through the process.

I'm thankful and grateful every day that I can share this with you. For the good times and for the bad times, they have brought me to where I'm today.

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Be blessed, I look forward to hearing from you. Amilia Powers


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