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I would like to talk about this very important word that touches several lives. I received many emails on uncertainty.

The questions I get are:
What happens next?
What happens now?
I'm frightened about my future!
I don't know where to go?
Who do I ask for help?

If this rings a bell with any of you, please continue to read.
Uncertainty begins with doubt. We forgot how to find comfort in our journey. The understanding that some things will, or will not work out. We must learn how to embrace both to have a balance. The questions above, believe it or not, you have the answers to. I know this because uncertainty touched my life.

I began to listen to others, and they influenced me in developing deeper self doubt. Circumstances can change our character, we begin to stay in the same place emotionally.. You become the bully to yourself. It becomes a challenge to see beyond this point. We have to understand the position we put ourselves in. We become our worst critic.

It is imperative to begin to focus on the solution to the problem, rather than then the problem itself. If we tune Into the situation day in and day out, It will never change. Solution is the key. Take these questions for instance, re-write them in a way that shows you a path to resolve the problem.

For example
Question: "What happens next?" can be written, "What is the next step I need to take to move forward?" This changes your perception and focus.

Don't stop in the area of uncertainty. Look beyond your doubt, you will always find the answers to your questions.

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Have a blessed day
Amilia Powers

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