Thursday, September 24, 2020

3 Top Things a Narcissist Won't Stand For


                            3 Things You Must Be Aware Of

I'm going to share with you something that I didn't notice that was happening to me. If you are in this situation right now, by reading this you will have the heads up to what to do next. 

Keep reading so you can actually see the unthinkable that leads to the moment of despair. The (3) things that a narcissist needs to survive. 

No matter if they are in a relationship or not, they must have these "Three Things" to detour their insecurities.

Unfortunately, because of this power struggle a narcissist has within themselves, we become a target of their emptiness and pain. 

We have left hurt and our life in disarray for meaningless recognition a narcissist feels he deserves. 

 Your Happiness Interrupts Their Attention

1. Feeling happy about your success or your children is a problem for the narcissist. If you are sharing excitement or joy the narcissist will feel threatened. The first emotion will happen. He will begin to become angry. He will find something or anything to argue about. It could be about the food you prepared or something that happened last week. 

The fight won't end there unfortunately, it will continue throughout the night, by either sending your grown kids back to their homes or send the kids to their rooms. He will begin to curse at you and find things that are wrong with you to make you feel terrible about yourself and what you're happy about. 

The sad part of this entire scenario you start to feel that everything that happened is all your fault. You begin to question yourself. Maybe I don't deserve the promotion and my boss felt bad for me. He could be right. The kids didn't work hard for their awards. Until he is satisfied with the attention he receives. The narcissist wins.

 How A Narcissist Needs Supply More Than Oxygen

2.  A narcissist runs his life on Attention, we have established this in 1. They become more dangerous and unpredictable when the thrill is over. When you were sought after, he would bring you flowers, and special gifts and kept the excitement alive in your relationship, until the day came when now you are living ordinary lives. Working, cleaning, and paying bills. To the realistic person this is all part of life and growing with each other and pulling together in good and bad times. Loving one another through all the challenges.

Wait...The narcissist doesn't live by this life. He needs the day you first met to continue in his life at all times. Unfortunately, a narcissist will go out and seek more supply. By supply, I mean more women, any woman who will listen and fall for his non-sense. They are actually running from themselves and their insecurities. They are gasping for air needing and wanting to feel validated and a center of someone's life. 

This will put you at an unnecessary point of unkindness. You will begin to see his ugly side come out. He will be frustrated and moody. He will make sure that you are not doing enough to make him happy. No matter how much you try to keep up with everything. In this turning point of your relationship, he has found someone else, and be ready for the abandonment stage. 

Two ways he will leave. He will leave by packing up and not say a word, and you will be left in limbo and breathless or he will leave a path of destruction behind. By destroying everything in your home and making false police reports. He does this, so his new supply will be sympathetic and have her arms ready to embrace him. 

The Narcissist Will Not Tolerate The Word "No" 

3. A narcissist hates the word "no" more than anything else. Because they feel they are the center of the universe, that they believe no one has a right to say no to anything they suggest or say. Once you say this word to the narcissist, make sure you understand the repercussions. They find this to be an attack and a narcissist will not take this lightly. 

By not praising them, in the way they want can leave you in a dangerous position. They can go into a narcissistic panic and begin threatening you. Applying fear is their way to make you take a step back. In their eyes of delusion, they feel no one has the right to question anything they do or say. "How dare we!"

We must continue to stand up to what we believe in. They are nothing but bullies who think they have a right to push people around and make them bow down to their every whim. A narcissist is always on edge and ready for battle at every moment of their life. They have issues beyond what we can fix. It's like trying to repair the shattered glass. This would make our life impossible for happiness, success, joy, and love.

I knew I didn't deserve a life of pain. I wanted my smile back, I wanted to hear myself laugh something I haven't done in so long. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it was a must to get away from him and never look back. I knew that the challenges I will be facing are just an obstacle towards freedom of torment and misery he put me through. This was worth getting out. 

Don't let comfort convince you that he is the one. I'm sure you have told yourself, he is everything you have been looking for in a man. Not if you have to go through this. Did you read what I wrote? Trying to convince someone to love you, and treat you amazing, will put you in a painful place. There is no happy ending here. This is not a fairy tale. 

Doing more for them to compensate for happiness will leave you broken, and won't change your situation. It doesn't matter what you do or try to do better. This isn't what love feels like. This is your happiness and love your compromising. Never forget who you are in any circumstance, most of all never let anyone control the love you have in your heart, and never give up wanting to live the life you are created to live. 

Begin today and make this change. Laugh, and smile embrace life's goodness, because you deserve it. If you're stuck, join thousands of women like yourself who have changed their lives with my Personalized Meditations created for your specific circumstance. This changed my entire life. It will change yours. 

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You will begin a new life of; Confidence Joy and Love. 
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