Saturday, January 13, 2018


Don't spend the day hurting
I received many emails about how to handle emotions after a break-up. I understand this very well, it's a hard thing to do. I've been through this. I didn't know how to express joy, and love. I forgot I could smile. I was watching people having fun, and it became overwhelming. I knew I could laugh and have fun, because I've done it before! But I didn't know how to start over. 
I will give you an example on where to begin: I began to unclutter my heart. Getting rid of things that held bad memories. I emptied my pain, my hurt, disappointments. I deleted phone numbers that no longer held value for me. Holding on wasn't helping me at all. This needed to get done. By doing this very important step I opened the door that I thought was closed for ever. I never thought I would smile again. Smiling is one of the most cherished gifts we were given at birth. It belonged to me, no one else. No one had the right to it but me. I almost gave it away. 
Please get my e-book and start today to change your life. What you'll find are simple steps that changed my life. Your heart will begin to open, you will soon find joy, and a sense of peace. Your heart will start to feel lighter.
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Have a blessed day.
Amilia Powers

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