Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Remember the TIME!
This is an interesting title in so many ways. The email I recently received asked, "where has time gone, I was so happy, I got lost in the minutes?"
My answer was, I don't want you to forget that time. You can change every minute on the clock, and choose to live in joy, rather than hurt, or pain.
Can you recall the time when you use to laugh so hard it hurt your stomach? That belly laugh that was so contagious everyone joined in! The smiles you had that were pure and loving, and natural because you didn't have to hide your happiness. The joy you had being around friends and family. How about the time your eyes sparkled with excitement seeing the fireworks light up the sky.
Look at the TIME, where are you right now?? What time frame can you say your in?? I don't want you to just exist. I want you to live, and laugh, smile have joy in your life. If you are not living this way, you must reach out.
Remember...it's your clock, your choice, your time. Don't waste another minute...Every second counts.
You can contact me at: www.coffeewithamilia.com
We can work together on the life you deserve.
Have a Blessed Day!
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