Sunday, January 14, 2018


Stand Up for Yourself!
I have received many questions on this subject, let me explain.
People will treat you how you teach them to. They will test you to see how much they can get away with, and when they find your weakness they will walk all over you... 
They also will begin to put you down. You will have no say in the matter. You will start to feel you have no ground to stand on. You will begin to question yourself. They will make you think you're the crazy one. If any of this sounds familiar, please don't let this be you. 
There is no reason to hold onto something that is so wrong. Let me ask you a few questions. Please be honest with yourself. Let's begin:
1.) Is this the life you always dreamed of?
2.) Is this the love you've always wished you had?
3.) Are you smiling more than you ever have before?
4.) Are you laughing so much that it feels amazing? 
Let's start off with these questions first. I have many questions to answer in my email. We will go over more of them tomorrow. 
Just like we check our checkbook, we need to check and take notice what is going on in our lives. 
-Don't hold yourself back on a life you really want.
-Don't be the person, who is consistently making excuses for being treated disrespectfully.
-You are wonderful, a woman who deserves to be loved the right way.
-Kindness is not hard. Love is not hard. Being cherished is not hard. 
We make it harder than it is....
Maybe you're asking how??
By staying in a relationship without value. This is what is holding you back from the life you really want isn't it? 
On my last post I gave you an option, to start a new beginning by doing some simple steps... 
PLEASE do them.
You can reach me at:
Please email me. I will get back to you. Or you will find your answers here.
I have many articles that can help you. Please take the time and read them.
Have a Blessed day!
Amilia Powers

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