Monday, January 1, 2018


I would to speak about a very important subject,
"Being a Couple."
I received many emails about people being in a relationship, and not being a couple.
I would like to go over this a little bit. First, I would love to begin by wishing all of you, and your families, a Happy New Year!
We are going into the New Year reflecting on ourselves, our relationships, changes that we would love to see take place.
Our relationships, the people that we love the most, who are there for us, who share in our joys, and disappointments, are the ones we should have respect for the most. I believe you know what I'm talking about.
I'm sure when you make a reservation for dinner with your partner, I gather it's for two? When you go to the movies with your partner, you don't buy one ticket. When you have kids together, you both had a part in that.
Your partner is there to support you when things don't go right. They are not there for you to curse at, and use as a punching bag. They are not there for you to take out your frustration. They didn't sign up for that. They are with you because they love you, they respect you. They wanted a life with you. They are with you to resolve things when they get out of hand. They are on the same team.
These emails crying for understanding, breaks my heart.
Lets make these changes together. You can reach out to me:

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