Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Thank you for responding to my last post. I enjoyed reading the emails I have received. I came across an email that I believe you can relate to. At one time in my life I could relate to it also.
This is a young woman who is hurt. She was pained by a man she loved. We all have similar stories. But her email was a bit different. This is what she said. "Mamm, how do you know so much about this situation? I don't think anyone would ever understand what it is like to have this much hurt. I reached out for assistance and no one would give me a hand, I need your help!" 
What do you think my answer was? My answer was this; What I went through, made me who I am today. I became inspired and remained in praise. In faith I gained the strength to push through and reach out to you. 
My experience qualifies me to help you, and you will help others as well. Remember nothing is easy. There is pain, before you gain strength, there is loneliness before you find joy. There is hurt before you find happiness. There is no situation easier than another.
I had to heal, forgive, and become kind to myself. I learned, and understood I deserve to live a life full of joy and kindness. Also keep my faith at hand. We are the individuals who can project change.
We can do this one step at a time. The good news is We can do this. Lets all work together.
You can reach me at:
You are not alone.
Have a blessed day!
I have many articles here at that can help you. Please read them.

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