Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Lets Talk about denial
Do not live in denial and make excuses for anyone's abusive behavior. Accept that you have been abused and that the abuse may have had an effect on you emotionally.
Acceptance is part of the solution. Once you have accepted the problem, put in place a strategy that will help you recover and gain control of the situation. Don't put the focus on them, but on you getting stronger and healthier. You will begin to take back control of your life.
We need to make a decision to stop the abuse in outlives, and no-longer live this way. We have to reach out for guidance, for assistance, for help to begin to heal.
I know this Frame of mind very well. I lived it, I recognized it, I dealt with it. I will never allow it in my life again. Believe me, you will get this sense of awareness that you didn't even know you had.
Lets work together and find a solution.
You can reach me at:
You are not alone.
Have a blessed day!

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