Monday, December 18, 2017


I received many emails on this subject feeling unsatisfied.
Ok! Lets Talk about our Feelings:
We often complain about doing more than our partners. Part of the problem is that we make a lot of excuses for their behaviors. We compromise, we give in, we negotiate, we stay quite more often then we should, which goes against our better judgment. In the end, we end up with hurtful feelings, we don't feel loved and adored, but the only thing we were doing is making them happy. We weren't doing anything wrong, but it is wrong. Feeling unhappy and unsatisfied isn't right.
We love when they are around, but we are exhausted for our emptiness. We want to be cherished and happy. We would like him to treat us the way we treat him. Our stomach aches for this. We anticipate this every time their with us. 
We need to start by being responsible for our feelings, and let them know what we need. We need to stop being the do-re and let him take charge of certain things. Men want to be the Alpha in the relationship. When we do to much, we take away who he really wants to be with us. He wants to care for you, show you joy, he wants to see you smile. Give him thanks when he does things for you. He will always want to do nice things for you.
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