Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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I received an email last night. It was from a young lady in our community. She asked this question: She wanted to know how did I find joy during such a hurtful period in my life? 
I know that there are many people hurting and are in painful situations. Please read this carefully. I can surely tell you that you must believe in yourself. You must believe you are not alone, because your not. 
You will all think I'am crazy for saying this. But the truth of the matter is. I kept doing the right thing while the wrong thing was happening to me. This motivated me enough to know I was on my way to a more happy and fulfilled life. The life I deserved with love, and respect. 
I did not for a moment being in that raw place, stop moving, and reaching for better. It gave me the inner strength I needed to continue on my day in faith, and in promise to myself and family that we will overcome. 
I can tell you we have overcome.
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Have a blessed day.
It's your turn to live in JOY
Amilia Powers

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