Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I received many emails during Christmas about being disappointed. 
Lets talk about this for a minute.
Disappointments are usually tied to expectations. We have high expectations from other people. For example: You would love the people in your life to treat you a certain way. Conduct themselves in a way you feel is appropriate. You are disappointed with the gift you received for Christmas from a close friend, family or spouse. You might feel you went beyond to share the glory of Christmas. 
We have to begin by excepting that everyone is different. We should not raise our expectations and assume everyone is going to do the same. This doesn't give anyone a pass on how they treat you, but you have to understand the situation, and where its coming from. How you respond is your responsibility, the way they handle themselves is their's. 
As for presents, what you did for Christmas came from your heart thats it. Don't expect everyone to be as kind and generous as you. Everyone gives differently. Continue to love and share your glory with others. That is what makes you unique. Do not use comparison and you will never be disappointed.
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Have a blessed Holiday!

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