Friday, December 15, 2017


I had several emails come in with many questions on confused feelings about relationships. I have a few questions to ask you myself?
Did you ever sit and think about your relationship? What do you see? Do see yourself happy, joyous? Do you feel special, and loved? Is this the relationship you always dreamed of?
Do you wish that things would be different? and he will change?
When you get to the heart of what’s going on in your relationship, and whether or not you want to stay or go, there’s a lot to consider. This is an important decision, and it’s ultimately up to you to determine what’s healthy and what’s not.
1. The behavior of partner, should answer most of your unanswered questions to yourself. Look at how he is treating you. How special he makes you feel? Are you always on the defensive? Does he respect you, or does he call you names and belittle you? do you find him apologizing to you more than he is loving to you. Does this happen a lot? This is a big key here. Matters will progressively become worse, until you take a stand, believe you deserve better, value your self to the understanding you will not except this type of treatment from anyone. You are a special person, and will be treated as such.
2. There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough. Lets talk about being by yourside. Does he encourage your dreams? Does he support you with your friendships outside of the relationship? Is he Insecure to the point it isolates you from family? Do you find yourself more alone now than you ever had? Has your distance from living caused you anxiety? You feel as if you are just existing in the clutches of a unkind, hurtful man?
You need to understand where you are, and how crucial it is to seek out and speak to someone. Get the support you need to take the necessary steps to live a healthier, more loving and fulfilled life. "THIS IS NOT LOVE"
Many emails, Please reach out to me.
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