Thursday, December 7, 2017


I would like to ask a question?
Do you have a lot of stress in your relationship?
Did you ever want to write yourself note, and begin writing,
Dear Stress, Lets Break Up!
Nothing can prepare you for living with someone whose behaviour is unpredictable and devastating, draining, hurtful, and ultimately the most unkind experience imaginable.
This brings on so many different emotions. Anxiety, depression, lack of interest in your happiness. You begin to just exist. 
Beyond the most common doing what you can to get out of this relationship, your health is at risk because of the stress your mind and body has endured. 
You must break-up with your stress first, and take control of your situation, reach out for assistance, and begin the challenges that are a head of you. Disconnecting from the stress and getting a firm grip on what you need to do will help you gain more confidence, and you will become stronger and healthier with support. 
Lets Talk: You can reach me at:
We can work on this together
You are not alone
I have many posts on my Facebook page that could help.

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