Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Lets talk today about thinking of your EX:
I get several emails per-day, asking me how do I get rid of the thoughts of my ex-boyfriend, ex-husband...ect..? 
This is a very important question. Getting rid of thoughts of your ex, vs making those thoughts less powerful in your mind are two different things. In order to lesson the focus, I have a few suggestions.
#1. Lets begin to unclutter those thoughts.
Walk around your home, and look to see what you have. Do you have pictures, that keep you up all night? Do you have items that he gave to you, that turn your stomach into knots?
The biggest thing, that woman do not like to part with is clothing and jewerly. It is time to begin to unclutter your feelings. Keeping things around that remind you of hurt and pain is not going to do you any justice. Do you really need that shirt, pants or purse? These Items can be replaced. You were able to have these things before he entered into your life, and you can get them now. It doesn't make you feel any better every time you reach into your bag, and have to remember the hurt you endured. I recommend you do this gently, and when you are ready, if you can give away, one item a day, you will lighten up your heart. 
#2. Stop talking about your EX with friends and family.
Don't bring him up in conversation, and don't invite chatter from anyone. This will help you become stronger with your present life. You will be able to enjoy new things, make fresh memories, and bring back your smile, your laugh that you didn't have for some time. If you have people in your life that will not stop gossiping and bringing him up, then you need to distance them from your life. I know this is hard to do, but you can do it. Even people who communicate with him you should stop further involvement with them. Most likely he will come up. The less Chit Chat you hear of him the better you will feel.
There is much more we can talk about.
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You don't have to do this alone.
Have a blessed day. I have many posts right here that will help you. Please go through them.
Amilia Powers

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