Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Yesterday we spoke about compassion.
There is on going questions about compassion.
With Compassion, there is peace in your heart. You are able to share love and joy. When we are at peace with those around us, we are in a position of strength. Remember we can not control what others are saying or doing. What we can do is walk in faith. Continue to do the right thing, even if things are going wrong. This will take you further than you ever expected. Your asking how do I know? I did this myself.
There's a tremendous strength that comes to you when you choose to live in peace. When there is hatred and anger, and upset in your heart. We allow more of this to move into your life.
Being at peace doesn't mean you have to agree with everyone all the time. It simply means you are choosing to walk in love. It means you are patient and kind, not envious or boastful. It means you are considerate and gracious even when you don't agree. Today, choose peace, choose love, and choose to walk in the strength and your blessings.
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