Sunday, February 25, 2018


Don't make things complicated.
Today is Sunday, I would like everyone to look back on the week that past, and see what you could have done differently to have less havoc. 
1. Could you have woken up a little earlier? Would that have saved you a lot of grief.
2. Could you change a habit that has caused things to get out of hand? Such as sleeping at a decent hour? or staying on your computer all day long? ect.......
3. Have you forgotten things that needed to get done? Have you thought of a notebook? Write down what you have to do, and some of your thoughts.
4. What is overcomplicated in your personal life that you can change immediately? It won't take you long to think about this one. I bet you had an answer as soon as you read the question.
Lets focus today, on what we can change starting tomorrow.
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Have a blessed day!

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