Thursday, February 22, 2018


This statement:
"Your life is a message, What do you want it to say?"
It created a lot of thought amongst many of you, according to the emails I have received. I wrote this in yesterdays post.
We all have a legacy. I really believe that is our message.
How we conduct our life, will be remembered. How we treat people is valuable. It's important to understand, How we live, trickles down to everyone in our family. Think of where you are, and what must change. 
What is the message you are sending out? We need to look at what we are doing and make the necessary changes to live a meaningful life. We have a responsibility to ourselves and people we love, to respect who we are. 
What kind of people are you allowing in your life? Seems to be a very big question. Are they treating you well? Are they happy and joyous? Do they bring compassion and love to the table? 
"Make changes!"
What are we doing? Are you driven to help others? Are you kind and generous? Are you sharing what you have learned?...
Are you sending gratitude for everything around you?
If your life isn't sending the right message, send a different one!
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Have a blessed day

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