Thursday, February 8, 2018


I would like to take a moment and talk to you about giving and receiving with one another.
You're probably asking, what do I mean? I have received many emails about this subject. The questions I'm reading go something like this: Why aren't they nice to me? Why don't they help me? Why do they talk behind my back? Why don't I ever get invited out, and so on? You get it right?
This is my take on this. You are probably thinking, here it comes. What I'm about to explain to you is a very easy concept.
First, stop believing you had nothing to do with it. You're saying to yourself right now, what is she talking about? I'm telling you that you have a lot to do with the above questions.
1. Were you ever kind to someone, and they were kind back to you? Didn't that feel good? Let me ask you this...What happened when you did the opposite? Hmm...
2. Did you ever help someone from the bottom of your heart, not wanting anything in return, with no ulterior motive? Then two weeks down the road you needed help, and there was someone there to help you. Do you understand the concept?
3. What would have happened if someone asked for a ride, and you turned your back? Or you asked them for money before you would even help them. We have to be aware of how we treat others. Our situation can change in an instant.
4. If you want to get invited out, you need to allow yourself to have fun, smile more, laugh a little. When you open your heart you will find joy.
What you throw out into the world you will receive. Remember to be kind. Have compassion, show your best gift. Your smile.
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