Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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I became stronger through my writing:

People ask me how can this be? As I kept a journal of every event and was able to write down word for word on what happened in my daily life.

I realized what I was writing were only painful and hurtful events. There was no happiness attached to my day. There was no smile or laughter when I wrote. There were even pages of dried tears the journal didn't even close right.

I knew this is not how I wanted to live. I knew I wasn't with the person of my dreams. I didn't pray to have someone in my life that would curse me, day in and day out. Belittle me and hurt my family. I couldn't believe what I was writing. There were pages and pages of upset. I gained strength through prayer. I was guided by the good Lord.

I became stronger and stood up for what I believe in. I never looked back and kept going forward. As time went on, I wrote three books and many ebooks. I speak at events across the country. I vowed to never let this happen to another woman.

I'm blessed in my life to be with a kind man and loving person. A man who stands by my side through everything. Who loves my family. Who is strong in Faith.

Please write it down. Read it over again and again. Listen to what you put on paper. Make the changes, re-write your story, and share your strength. You are a Blessing!

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