Monday, February 19, 2018


Be Patient with yourself is the subject of the day.
Over the weekend I received many emails. They were about wanting to heal now. The pain is to much. Wanting to be happy right this instant. 
We all heal differently. What kind of wound do you have? A paper cut? Is it a scrap or something more? We have to understand how the pain effected us, and who caused it. We have to be patient during the healing process. It will not go away in a day, or even a week and in some cases it will take longer. 
Your heart will see the scar, large or small far after you heal. You will remember, but it won't hurt. You have become stronger, and know what you will not except in your life. You will have clarity, and your awareness will be charged. You will walk through this life with confidence, and without fear. You will pull it together. 
You are wonderful, and valuable. No-one can ever take that from you. You are ready to take on challenges and start over.
You are in charge. You have control of your life. You are blessed.
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Stay Strong

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