Tuesday, February 20, 2018


"The light at the end of the tunnel." 
This is a quote we have heard once or twice. What is the meaning behind this? Let me give you some insight. 
This means, that this is the end of a difficult situation in your life, and the solution is not far ahead. 
I understand that each problem is different. I have been there myself. I seen the light at the end of the tunnel, it seemed to be a million miles away. But I kept walking towards it. I didn't quit. I knew that there was joy and peace on the other side of hardship and pain. I know what it means to laugh, because I've done it. I know how it feels to smile, because I loved doing it. I knew I can have this again. I never forgot what it was like to live before the pain. 
Please don't forget. Continue to move into your joy. Do what ever it takes. Don't give up on you. Quitting is not an option.
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