Thursday, March 31, 2016

You Touched My Heart

Good Evening Everyone! This has been Day of Many Thoughts! I first want to thank all of you for your kindness and Support. It is wonderful how many emails I get everyday. Most of all thank you for being the strength someone else needs. I spoke to a gentleman tonight who feels his love has ended when the Love of his Life made the decision to sever the relationship. He is heart broken. When this occurs you can not hold back feelings. Sometimes you are going to say things that realistically you intend to say. The most important thing here is to embrace your emotions and tell yourself that it is fine you are feeling this way. You should be expressing pain and sadness. Don't hold onto this emotion to a point where it consumes you. Talking about how you feel with supportive friends and family helps to lesson the hurt. Remember to continue to take care of yourself. Stay active even if you don't want to. If your invited out you should never refuse it. We also can't forget that LOVE is not a person it's an emotion. You can not loose this, it's a part of each one of us. There is so much to love in our lives. The list is endless! Loving that List will give you The Strength to move forward to a more meaningful life. Please show your support write a comment you can email me: Or Amilia Powers

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