Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tonight was Incredible!!

I want to thank all of you very much for your support. The man that I'm working with who rather stay annominous wants to thank Everyone for sending their love. He realizes that he is not alone. We have a nice community of people who support one an other. No one is here to Judge. This is wonderful for all us learning from one another my email was full of responses I believe I got to the majority of them. I will try to get to the rest of you by tomorrow I promise. There was a lot of personal questions I had to answer and it took time. This is not something I like to rush. There was one particular question from a woman. She feels isolated from Life!I would like to get some of your input. This is a Horrible Feeling that know one should ever encounter. We will speak more on this Topic Have a good night This week with all of you has been a blessing You can email me: Or follow on Facebook. and leave your comments

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