Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Is Everyone Today!

Good Morning! It is a wonderful Day it's starting to feel like SPRING. I'm happy to be with all of you today! The Topic of conversation last night in the meeting was your passion in life and how you are held back from your partners to live their DREAM. My biggest question was how do you feel about that?? A man answered: I feel I have to live for my partner what ever she needs to do to get ahead but I'm not heard at all on hopes and dreams. I feel I'm losing out on opportunities if I mention an interest she talks over me like I didn't say a thing. To alleviate any form of argument I keep my thoughts to myself. I gave a prime example: This is walking on Egg Shells. You can get a free Download from my website www.valueurself.com. I asked how does this feel?? He answered terrible I want to be involved in our relationship and not have to walk around quietly thinking I'm going to hurt feelings if I respond. My Answer: We have to make a choice to appreciate who we are and enjoy each other's conversation, this is how we learn and grow it takes two people to embrace life together not one ruling the fort. Please write your comments I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject. Or email: amiliapowers@gmail.com Have a wonderful Day Remember ValueUrSelf Amilia Powers

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