Thursday, March 17, 2016

Great Evening In New York!!

Good Evening Everyone!! Thank you for all the responses on the last post! The Support is appreciated! I received emails from some of you who rather email me instead of posting in public. You should never be nervous to post a comment. We are all together as a group to give each other support. Sometimes we forget how to do interact with one another. We all need to join together to stop fear and pain and replace this with courage and strength. Did you ever hear the saying "there is strength in numbers". Life is an amazing journey we have a Choice to live how we want. There is nothing more terrible than living this special gift in fear. I read an email from annominous. This individual said they don't like getting up in the morning because they already know how there day is going to be. The pain of this person radiated through the email. Please write Post comments and help them become brave enough to make that change. I will be working one on one with them. Send your support. Thank you Amilia powers I have free books on my website if you scroll down slowly to the books section you will see them

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