Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Can't Believe It!!

How is everyone today? It was wonderful how many emails I received hoping and praying that everything went well yesterday with the young lady I was meeting. I love how many of you reached out. That is a true blessing. All this support for her and I in my travels wishing me well. Rest assured she is fine and needs guidance to work out the issues that are present. We are going to stay in contact and work on courage and strength she is not ready to leave. She knows this isn't a healthy way to live. Until she makes that Conscious decision to chance her own circumstances then the situation will remain the same. We went through Choices and there was only one that would change her path to a more fullfilling life. This is understood yesterday. I assured her that because she allowed this type of behavior to take place from the beginning it's difficult to take her power back. It will end up in a constant battle WE HAVE A CHOICE TO CHANGE OUR LIFE Thanks again everyone Have a good rest of your day I will speak to you soon Amilia Powers Email me:

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