Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's The Weekend!

Good Afternoon!
I'm having coffee at Ostcafe New York City. 441East 12 Street Avenue A. This is the sweetest Cafe. I love coming here people are friendly open for discussion. The smell of freshness.
While in the Coffee Shop people were talking about a topic of REGRET! This became a debate, with no feelings attached people were speaking out. There was a elderly man sitting at one of the tables he had a cane in one hand and his newspaper in the other. He yelled out kids!. The entire place went silent. He continued to say: I'm from Romania 55 years ago I come here. Let me explain to you something. There isn't any regrets. There are mistakes, good and bad situations but regrets No. This is all in your mind. Everything happens the way we want, maybe you wish it could have been better or this way or that way. There are no Regrets. Let's call this Learning shall we? Everyone stood up and applauded! I wanted to share this with all of you! Have a great day!

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