Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How are you doing today??

I have to start by saying thank you for all your emails. I'm getting to know most of you. I'm doing my best to get to all the emails. You have fantastic stories to share. I'm happy to hear from some of you who I have been working with. It's nice to hear you are stepping into freedom with courage and strength what a breakthrough. I have been having trouble with downloading Free Information for all of you to read. Hopefully I will get all of this resolved in the next day or so and you can get a copy from my website. How is everyone today?? this was an exciting day. It was a day of questions about LIFE! I would like to share one that I read that I found most interesting. A Women emailed me and asked: How do you know when a relationship is not good when one day your happy and the next your sad? There is a lot of yelling but I love him I feel at times I'm walking on Egg Shells and I do not know what to do? Now I answered this question for her. I have A document I want you to read. Once I get this PDF to work on my website I would like you to print a copy. I believe this will open some hearts. I would love to hear from all of you, what you think about this question she wrote? Please leave your comments. Thank you for your support Amilia Powers email: amiliapowers@gmail.com website: www.valueurself.com

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