Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I would like to share an important word with all of you today. We seem to lose what it means when it comes to a broken heart.

Let'a talk about this famous word for a moment. Everyone has heard this word before, are you guessing? Keep reading. I will give you a hint. All of us carry it in our hearts. 

This word is "Love"

Even if you are going through a difficult time, don't think for a minute love is not with you. Remember what you read in the previous sentence, we have it in our hearts. The most incredible gift imaginable. Let me give you some examples, what we forget about when it comes to this blessed word.

1. When someone cares about you, that's Love.

2. When someone hugs you, that's Love.

3. When some help you, that's Love.

4. When someone listens to you, that's Love. 

You get what I'm trying to say?

Love Exists. We forget that it does during our time of pain and hurt. We are not thinking that it can be anywhere in sight, but it is staring at us in the face all the time. 

Welcome, love every chance you have. The more you embrace it, the more you will receive it. 

The most important thing to begin to do is start by forgiving yourself, and slowly you will be able to forgive the one who has caused you pain, this will help you release the ties that are holding you to them. Don't forget, forgiveness is love and action to ones self.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Your time is now. 

Live the joyous life you always wanted.

Contact me with any questions or concerns you may have, and I will help guide you through them. You are not alone.

Amilia Powers

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