Monday, May 7, 2018

What do you see? How Do I Forgive?


WHAT I SEE......

I had a very difficult time looking at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe I allowed someone to hurt me, and dismantle my heart. 
I was so ashamed what I had done to myself and my family, I became embarrassed of the outside world. 
I knew I had to put myself together and continue working to support myself and fulfill my obligations, but the thought of going outside and being seen was painful. Everyone around me knew something happened, neighbors and friends, but they never asked me how I was. They only assumed they knew from what they were told.
I was criticized, laughed at and called names. I had to walk by neighbors pointing fingers at me as I was leaving my front door. 
I looked up at the sky and asked the Lord to help me, and hold my hand. I needed that extra push to get into the car. 
I prayed everyday, and meditated on forgiveness to release these thoughts from holding back my smile. 
I found as days became weeks, I was getting stronger with forgiveness.  I started to see myself differently.

What I saw is.....
A strong powerful women with courage to overcome all obstacles.
A person who is not perfect, but learns from her mistakes. 
A women who will not let anyone treat her poorly in anyway from this day forward 
A generous women who has gone through tremendous struggles and grew with them. 
The kind of women who desired to make a change, and was laughed at and spoken about. But had enough trust in herself to keep going and not look back. 
The person I see was pushed around and was taken advantage of but never fell down. 
A loving women who held her faith close, and never felt alone. She let The lord guide her.
I see a few extra lines on my face, and love each and everyone of them.
A kind person who learned not everyone is her friend. 
A lady who is grateful and thankful for everything she has.

What do you see?
I have created a meditation called "HOW DO I FORGIVE" by praying and meditating on what I needed to change to live a better and more fulfilled life. Every word came from an inner place of peace. I sat and wrote it, cried with it. Right then I knew it would change your life, like it has mine. 

Click the link below, and start today to live the life you always wanted. 

God understands how hard it is for you to forgive those who have hurt you.
Those who have crushed your heart, and betrayed you.
This meditation will help you release your pain, and your burden.
The Lord understands this is heavy. This meditation will encourage you, and help you free your heart from this sadness.

I have created personalized meditations that are created specifically for your own personal circumstances.
Leave me a message at the link below. I will help guide you with all your concerns.

The chatter I was told was it is hard to shut off the noise while meditating. This is false. When it is created specifically for you, you tune right in. Your time is now. Leave me a message, and lets get started on the life you were created to live.

Be blessed
Amilia Powers

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