Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Power is Yours/Personalized Meditations

Rediscover Your Interest. 

When we find ourselves held back by the person who hurt us, it becomes difficult to regain the confidence to see our lives differently. I understand from my own experience, I was conditioned to feel one way, his way. Anything I tried to venture out to do was dismantled with words. It took time to heal and believe in me again. 
With small steps, and one day at a time, I began to explore the activities and interests and create the life I always wanted. I found strength through meditation, and turned every word he said, into power that fueled my heart and fulfills my dreams. 
This is exactly what I needed to do to shine. I felt more courageous, having a life without this type of conflict allowed me to flourish. I became aware of the kind of people I would allow in my life, and the treatment I expected. 
Having no more fear of an argument, allowed me to enjoy the loving moments with family, friends without looking over my shoulder to worry about unhealthy comments and unkindness. 
Things that made me feel good about myself was within my reach. What I ate taste better, what I wore looked great, the air I inhaled smelled fresher. My smile was bigger, and laughter is louder. My family is happier. The most important thing of all, I have peace.
The appreciation for life is at it's highest. No matter what the obstacles are. I was able to overcome with the support of people who love me and stood by my side.
How were you held back by your abuser?  Explore the possibilities and dreams that were shut down as a result of your relationship.
It's a great time to reflect on you.
If you are stuck, join thousands of woman who have changed their lives with my personalized meditations that were created specifically for your own personal needs. You can also check out my (4) Four-part series MP3's that are available on my website. 
This is your time to live the life you always wanted. Start now, Begin by clicking the link below.

You can reach out to me and talk, I will walk you through the process:
I can help you get started, I understand it well. I was here myself.
Have a blessed day
Amilia Powers
Visit my website:

Meditation of Faith Vol II 
This meditation is for those seeking to mend their broken heart and wanting to ease their pain. As well as those who have suffered the injustice of another.
You will be guided by comfort, renew your strength, and feel your power restored.
You will feel your pain being released. Your a click away. Begin today to change your life.

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