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With many questions as women, being in a relationship is so sacred to us. Trust and protection is very important to us, and ultimately be with someone who appreciates and honors us, and makes sure we are loved is vital.
Once he has broken that trust with you for whatever reason at all, do not think you just lost your future husband. Remember that when God writes your love story; it will be better than you can dream up yourself. He will never give you a reason to doubt his love and faithfulness to you. 
I once had a guy that betrayed me, disrespected me, and I adored him and honored him, and believed I had a future with him. With no explanation. I was hurt, but quickly recovered because I knew a man’s rejection is God’s protection. I understand that God wouldn't write my love story like this. At least not for me. When we settle for mistreatment, we are sending the message that we don’t deserve better.
There is a underlying issue with that person that has nothing to do with us. But whatever the sad reason is, we are not the ones who should be the brunt of their personal growth. If you are dating and your man has cheated, or made some flirting texts. He doesn't deserve you. He is not what God wants for you. 
Stop your heart from giving to this man. He buried your relationship without feelings or thought of your love. 
Stay with peace in your heart. Continue on your path of happiness and love. 

"If it's not in your path, it's not for you." 

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