Sunday, November 26, 2017


Today we are talking about thankfulness. But I don’t want you to tune this message out just because it’s a thing we tend to talk about this time of year. This message today goes far beyond the week of Thanksgiving and goes far deeper than uttering off a few quick “thanks for…”.
This is an especially important topic in our chaotic, crazy, and fearful painful lives. If there is abuse, disappointments, financial trouble or break-ups.
Now of course, our natural tendency is to often sit in worry. 
We tend to stew in anger or bitterness. We get so consumed with details of today that we can’t look forward to the future with joy and hope, we even forget our faith. I looked at this concept of thanksgiving through a lens of troubled times and a painful heart.
I'm not saying that this will erase everything that is happening. We need to recognize that thankfulness and putting on a grateful heart is a choice and that it can have a profound impact on our lives.
We are grateful and thankful that there are people in our lives we can turn too. We are not alone. We have support. We are grateful for the strength that is given to us to overcome. We will not walk in silence.
I'm thankful we are together,
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