Sunday, September 10, 2017


"When Fear comes knocking, send FAITH to the door."-- Joyce Meyer

It's easy to have faith at the start. When something amazing comes through. Everything seems exciting. It's also easy to have faith when you can see the finish line.
The challenge is having faith in the middle—when you are going through a painful time, when you are hurt and you feel alone. When you feel your never going to get through a crisis. 
I was in the middle. I questioned my every move. It wasn't easy, but I knew deep inside I could get through this. I needed to ask me first, before anyone else. I knew I had to believe in me or no-body would. This was a difficult time in my life. I needed help. I was ashamed of being abused.
Finally with faith, gathered the courage, to take the steps necessary to reach out for assistance. One question led me to the people who listened and guided me through that painful time. 
I encourage you to reach out. You are not alone. You can contact me at anytime at: If you like you can share your story at the bottom of the page. 

Have a blessed Day!

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