Thursday, September 28, 2017


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Today is an important day to review what we have in our lives verses what we should have in our life. 
People that are in are everyday lives impact us more than we think. A good attitude, a kind smile, support for one another in good and bad situations. 

Did you ever hear the saying "misery loves company" Our environment is crucial for a healthy and more fulfilled life. Remove yourself from the doubters, the people who bring down your dreams, your love for life. Those people who like to see you hurt, and in pain. We even keep people around who start trouble for us and our families. It is bizarre but we do. We are unkind to ourselves when we feel alone and afraid. We hold on to those who cause more tears. I have done this.

When we feel this way, we tend to keep unhealthy relationships around. 
Today is a great day to un-clutter our hearts of the unkindness that has darkened our lives. Reach for those who will help you shine. 

Have a blessed day! You can contact me at:, If you like YOU CAN share your story by staying anonymous at the bottom of the website. 

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