Saturday, April 21, 2018


Don't Play Tug Of War With Your Thoughts.....

Stick to your decision. Stay in the moment of thought. Believing in yourself will break you away from the fear of outcome. You will stand tall and confident. 
It is the most liberating feeling you can have. Knowing what you want and what you will and not accept in your life is powerful. 
My biggest mistakes came from second guessing what I knew I had to do and didn't. I started to make deals with my heart. I began to tell myself, if I stayed quite things will get better. I was so frightened to do what needed to be done, because I didn't want an argument, or dispute. I stayed hopeless, and in despair. I tormented my own feelings. I was miserable. I couldn't wait until the day began, and the day ended. I didn't really want to deal with anything in between. 
I compromised my happiness, my joy. I lost my smile, and laughter was no where to be found. 
There should be no negotiations with yourself. 
Next time an important decision needs to be made in your life of any kind. Just make it.
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Let's do this
Be blessed

I added another link with a meditation I created, that helped me through this struggle. The fear of uncertainty, and worry could leave you overwhelmed and hurt. This meditation will help you become more focused, and leave your weakness behind. 

I recommend this for you. Don't let your situation hold you captive. 
I look forward, to hear from you.


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