Sunday, April 15, 2018


Today I would like to talk about the smells of richness in our lives that we forget to appreciate. 
Has anyone ever woken up to the freshness of coffee brewing?
You couldn't find yourself falling back to sleep because you are anticipating the taste, and are drawn to the aroma.
The smells of life are as simple as making coffee. We don't think of it. 
Being at the beach and inhaling the amazing smell of the ocean breeze. It will be something you will always be drawn to. The sense of freedom, calmness, and joy it brings. 
When you spray perfume it is usually when you are going to an event. It brings joy and happiness, and love to your heart. 
Today, observe the delicious flavors of life. It will open your spirits. This will bring gratitude to your thoughts and lighten up your day of worry that has taken over.
So much to love... open your senses.
This is very powerful. You will have peace and you will feel blessed. 
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Be blessed

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