Sunday, April 17, 2016

We Need To Understand!

A Beautiful Day Here In New York! We had a successful group meeting about Warning Signs. How to be present in your relationship and acknowledge what is going on. Yes everyone wants love but the right kind of love is very important. We can't get stuck on cloud 9 and forget our value and respect. Being treated special and kind is a wonderful feeling. We are all humane and we will have our good days and bad days. It doesn't give anyone the right to mistreat and become abusive. Listen Please there should be no excuses for this unkind behavior. Once allowed it will continue. A young man at the meeting mentioned his fiance does this a lot and it's getting worse. He loves her but he feels torn. I asked him to sit and have a heart to heart and don't hold back. Set his boundaries and if it continues he will have to make a choice to change his circumstances. That is a very unhealthy situation to be in. Going back to what we were saying about warning signs this problem was on going. He never said a word. He suffered in silence. It went on to long. We need to address this much sooner with these obvious signs. please Embrace the signals. Please write your comments we appreciate the support. Thank you my email: amiliapowers& or God Bless Amilia Powers N

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