Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stop Being Taken Advantage Of!

Good Evening Everyone! I'm happy we are all here together. Today's subject is all about being used and taken advantage of. There is a fine line between being too kind and being used as a doormat. All this means is that you are doing to much in the relationship. This any relationship, friends family co-workers, when it becomes one sided. I know as a women we tend to offer our laundry services, make dinners, we even take care of their pets. Allow them to move into our home. We put ourselves in a position to be disrespected and used. Never feel bad for being nice and kind to someone. You are just with the wrong person. We have to do our best and stop making unworthy people a priority in our lives. We have to become more alert and stop over doing. We are not made to be disregarded. We deserve to be loved and cherished. Please write your comments or email at: amiliapowers@gmail.com or www.amiliapowers.com God Bless Amilia Powers

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